Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Book Blitz, Day 6: Passport to Happiness by Debbie White

 A little romance and a little travel. Could anything be better than that?

Day 6
14 Days of Romance Valentine's Day Book Blitz Event

To escape the often lonely and boring reality of living in a small rural town, Jessica finds comfort in reading about the many places that exist beyond her small corner of the earth. When she joins the State Department and travels abroad looking for adventure, she gets more than she imagined was ever possible. Passport to happiness is a story of strength and determination, while exploring new places, but it’s also about finding love and happiness – no matter where you hang your hat.

Debbie's Top 10 List:
1. Wine tasting with my honey
2. Vacations to Anywhere!
3. Waterfalls
4. Hummingbirds
5. Sushi
6. Long walks
7. Gorgeous views
8. Sunrises
9. Sunsets
10. Donating money to animal rescue organizations

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I write easy to read romance novellas that are great for taking to the beach, reading while traveling, or to help relax after a long busy day. My books feature independent, strong women who in the midst of finding themselves sometimes endure tragedy, but always strive to enjoy life to the fullest. I avidly support animal rescue, and happily donate a percentage of my book sales to local shelters and animal rescue organizations. I have two adorable rescue dachshunds, Dash and Brair - you'll see pictures of them on my website.

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Unknown said...

I have been wanting to read this one. Well along with ever other book on my TBR list, but it sounds like a book right up my alley :)

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