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Blog Tour/Review: Letters to My Future Husband by Lisa McKendrick

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Letters to My Future Husband, by Lisa McKendrick
2015, 240p, LDS Clean Contemporary Romance
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Sophie doesn’t know what kind of man she’s looking for, so her father suggests she write letters to her future husband—and come to know him in the process. But Sophie soon learns her letters aren’t the most reliable key to her heart. This hilarious coming-of-age novel is a guaranteed laugh-out-loud read you’ll want to share with all your friends. 

When Sophie was young, she wanted to marry her father and was devastated to learn that she couldn't. He gave her a journal and encouraged her to write letters to her future husband to help her figure out what she was looking for. She had a crush on her brother's friend, Hanno, and was sure he was the guy for her. 

Ten years later, her grandmother sent her to Europe. While she was in Italy, she ran into Hanno. She was excited at first but that meeting turned out to be disastrous. She met his nice roommate, Peter, who she felt a strong connection with but got scared and ran away from him.

Fast forward another ten years. Sophie is still single but has a super serious boyfriend, Griffin. She comes home for a visit and learns that Hanno is getting married. She goes to his wedding and runs into Peter again. He's also still single and lives and works at the South Pole. Super serious boyfriend Griffin surprises her by coming to town after all. Things are a bit awkward but that's also where it gets funny. Sophie starts dreaming about her future daughter who helps guide her to the man she wants as a father.

Sophie was easy to like. She had a great sense of humor and made me laugh a lot. Her relationship with Griffin made me laugh as it was obvious to me what she should do but she did have some questions and strong feelings for him. Her relationship with her mother was difficult and complicated and I liked the realization she came to about that at the end. Peter was great at taking awkward situations and making everyone comfortable. I loved him from the first time we met him and was hoping things would work out with him, but super serious boyfriend Griffin was an obstacle.

I had a hard time getting into this book but once it got into the present, it got much more interesting for me and I had a harder time putting it down. This book is a bit quirky, but I really enjoyed it! I laughed out loud a lot and enjoyed where the story went.

There are some LDS religious references but I think anyone that likes clean contemporary romance would enjoy this book!

About the author:

Lisa has been actively writing for many years and continues to hone her craft as a writer by attending SCBWI conferences in Florida. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a master’s degree in English, and has published three books in the LDS market.


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