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Blog Tour/Review: Midnight Runner by Marilee Jackson

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Midnight Runner, by Marilee Jackson
2015, 272p, Medieval Romance
My Rating=3 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Mistreated for years, orphaned Moira dreams of building a new life in the royal city. Little does she know that her dreams will cost more than just her own fate. This medieval tale of romance, mistaken identities, and long-sought redemption will change how you feel about villains and heroines, loss and love.

I finished this book over a week ago and am still processing it. I'm not sure even now how I feel about it. I'm hoping as I put my thoughts down, it will help me decide what my rating is.

I love a book where someone is in tough circumstances and comes out ahead in life. Moira has a terrible childhood. Her mother died and she has no idea who her father is. The family that takes her in treats her like a slave and her goal is to leave. She tries a couple of times but isn't successful. She finally is successful and I was ready to cheer her on.

She makes it to the next town where she makes some friends and falls in love (as much as she can) with Brian. There is still a lot of book left at this point so I was wondering what would happen. When something did, I didn't like it at all. She finds out she's pregnant and makes a rash decision to run again. It devastates Brian and he goes after her.

From there, it just seemed to get worse and worse. Then there's a 16 year time jump and we learn where all the major players are: Moira, Brian and now their daughter Isobail. I didn't care for Moira at all after some of the choices she made. I don't know if it was because she was young and mistreated, but she seemed to change completely overnight and didn't seem to care who she hurt along the way. Brian went downhill, too, and I wished he had been able to pick himself up more. Isobail had a great life but it was sad to me that she didn't know her parents.

I kept waiting for Moira to rectify her mistakes and make things right with everyone she had hurt. I also hoped for a happy ending and I guess there kind of was one but I didn't feel too invested in any of the characters at that point so it fell flat to me.

I do have to give kudos to the author for stepping outside the box and writing a book that doesn't follow any kind of formula in a story of this type. I certainly had no idea where it was headed and kept reading to see how it would all pan out. This is a great discussion book because there is plenty to talk about, both good and bad as far as the characters and the decisions they made. I liked the author's writing style and would certainly love to read another book by her in the future!

About the author:

Marilee Jackson is an avid reader and has dabbled in writing since the third grade. She stays home and chases her four rug rats around. She lives in a tiny Arizona town (don’t blink you’ll miss it) with her amazing husband and their four children. Midnight Runner is her first novel.


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