Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free Ebooks!! 6/18

As many of you may be aware, I've had some issues with my blog lately. I woke up a couple of weeks ago to the worst email a blogger can receive. My blog had been deleted! And, to make it worse, I was part of a blog tour that day. I had heard of this happening but thought I was safe because my blog is fairly new. 

I was able to get it restored quickly and then five days later, got another email that my blog was locked. I was still able to access it while it was locked and was able to get posts up and it is currently unlocked again and everything is fine. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous and did create a WordPress blog so if this happens again, I'll have somewhere else to put my posts up. In the short time I started my other blog, I got some followers so I am trying to post over there some, too, but I can't maintain two blogs with separate content and since Blogger is easier for me to use, this is my main blog.

As I wracked my brain trying to figure out why my blog was shutting down because of SPAM and reread their policy, the only thing I could think of was that Blogger doesn't like the multiple links I put up that go back to Amazon when I'm sharing my free book finds. As I was talking to my husband, he seemed to agree that that could pose a problem and he has landing pages for his business so he has offered one to me! The format will be different but I can just link you to my landing page where I will have the free ebook links to Amazon. I've deleted most of my other free ebook posts in case they might still be an issue (I have no idea how that side of things works) so from now on, anytime you click on a free ebook link, it will all go to the same page and the books will change each time I put up a new post. 

I like sharing the free ebooks I find because I love to go looking for them and I know some of you don't like to do that, so I will continue to share with you some of the ones that look interesting to me. Please note that I haven't read most of the books I put up so you will still need to check for content that you are comfortable with reading. And, as always, the books are free when I put this post up, but make sure you double check the price that it still reads $0.00 (unless it's a book you are fine with paying for). 

If I come across a free ebook here and there, I will still post it to my blog and Facebook page--this is mainly for the days I share multiple books. And if you're wondering where I find the free ebooks, I am more than willing to share my sources, so feel free to ask!

You can find the free ebooks HERE.


Jinky said...

What's a landing page? Another website host ..this one doesn't mind links ..and one needs to pay for? --Also, is the link you provided a home link so that I can star favorite the site or will it just take me to this post and not others that you will later post? :)

Melanie said...

A landing page is a single page that is usually designed to drive traffic to your website and is used to get leads. I'm not using it for that, though. And, no, it doesn't matter how many links you put on it. It does cost money but Jason already has an account which comes with lots of pages so he's offered to let me use one of them. And yes, I'm going to use the same one over and over so the link won't change but I will still put the link on each post to make it easier to find. If you have any more questions, let me know.

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