Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Someday You'll Laugh by Brenda Maxfield

Someday You'll Laugh by Brenda Maxfield, 2013, 99p
Clean Romance, My Rating=4 stars
Source: Free on Kindle

Stunned when her boyfriend announces they should be free to see others when he leaves for college, Brenda pastes a smile on her face and walks away. Far away. Only to find herself irresistibly drawn into the arms of another guy.

Brenda’s previous boyfriend finds out, claims he made a huge mistake, and wants her back. She will receive a marriage proposal, but from which one?

Later, on her wedding day, Brenda awakens knowing something is wrong. Will she make it through the ceremony?

This was offered as a freebie on Kindle last week and it looked really cute so I picked it up. I was looking to read a fun, quick, clean romance so I turned to this book. It's also a (mostly true) love story so that added to the appeal for me.

I really enjoyed it! Brenda made me laugh with her antics to catch and/or keep the guy, whether it was Greg or Paul. I also enjoyed her interactions with her nemesis, Sharon. She added drama to Brenda's life.

The story leads up to her wedding day which is definitely an experience to remember. I felt bad for her and kind of wondered why she didn't postpone it under the circumstances. (I realize that can be difficult to do but I think everyone would have understood.) Glad to hear that 35 years later, she can indeed laugh about it! And her husband definitely sounds like a keeper!


Jinky said...

I missed this one! Glad to hear it you got to read a fun book in between blog tour reviews.

Melanie said...

They have to be short in order for me to finish them quickly but it is fun to squeeze one in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mel, for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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