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Blog Tour: Living Your Covenants Every Day by Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt

living covenantsLiving Your Covenants Every Day

The little things we do on a daily basis don’t just matter—they can make all the difference. Intentional daily acts focused on covenant-keeping will bind us to the Savior as we are deliberate and determined to follow Him in small and simple ways. Drawing upon the teachings and lives of ancient and modern prophets, author Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt identifies patterns of truth that encourage increased commitment to covenant relationships while diminishing the binding grip of the adversary. Included are chapters on the need to be consistent in covenant- keeping, on recognizing Satan’s tactics and lies, on undoing self-destructive routines, on the role of the Spirit to help us both feel and follow promptings, and on the power of daily scripture study and prayer in establishing habits that reinforce and support our commitment to the Savior.

Wow!! What a great book! There's so much meat in it that it's hard to know where to begin. So I'll start with the cover. When I look at it, I think of how peaceful the early morning feels as each day starts out full of promise and gives us an opportunity to start fresh. In her book, she talks about how we always have the opportunity to make changes no matter what and to embrace Christ and work to become more like him. 

Then, as I started reading the Introduction, I found that even though the author and I are in completely different places in life, we have a lot of the same emotions and struggles and that realization helped me relate to her and I became excited at all I would learn from her experiences. She shares her thoughts and experiences and then has homework assignments and additional reading on each topic. I have learned to love ebooks but this is a book I plan to get in paperback so I can mark it up and refer back to it over and over. 

She also talks about having daily rituals and shares hers in the Appendix to use as more of a help as you form your own list. They include such things as "Be kind to everyone--especially yourself" and "Study and ponder the scriptures first thing in the morning" and my personal favorite, "Never give up chocolate. Ever!" There's a lot of life-changing information in this book and I highly recommend it to everyone!!

My Rating=5 stars

This is one of my favorite excerpts: 

"One mantra I use to help me clearly state the plan of happiness and make decisions as to how I will act is this: Satan hates me and wants to isolate me. Christ loves me and wants to embrace me. Living a life centered on the plan of salvation illuminates this truth. Satan wants to destroy us.

Satan’s is a plan of entitlement and control; he wanted to force all of us back to Father. And because his plan was rejected, he still works tirelessly to seek to gain control over us. One of his primary targets is our body—what we do with our body and how we feel about our bodies.

Christ’s is a plan of empowerment and liberty. Christ wants each of us back. And though there is no guarantee that all of His children will return to His presence, He trusts us to learn to trust in Him. Choosing Christ is the most important choice we can make. He shows us this through the Spirit." (PAGE: 16-17) 

Jennifer pAuthor Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt

Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt is currently an assistant visiting faculty member at Brigham Young University and a recent addition to Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women events. A former seminary and institute instructor, she earned a PhD from Arizona State University in lifespan developmental psychology, focusing on women and social issues. She is married to Jed Platt, and the couple lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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Jinky said...

Refreshing cover indeed. I'm going to start this soon ..I've got a review due Friday. Yay, glad to hear it's a 5 star book and that I've got a print copy so I can mark mine. --Wonderful review Mel. :)

Jinky said...

Oops, just looked at my calendar ..Thursday not Friday! I better get crackin'!!

Melanie said...

You were smart to get a print copy. I wish I would have. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say about it!

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