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Blog Tour: A Way Back to You by Emily Gray Clawson

a way backA Way Back to You

What would you do if you were given a second chance?

Annabelle, whom nearly everyone calls Anne, has been stuck in the past for two years. Numbed by grief over her husband's unexpected death and overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising their three young children alone, Anne agrees to let a friend take the kids for the weekend while she tries to get some much-needed rest at her parent's home.

But when Anne wakes up the next morning, she is suddenly sixteen again. And it just happens to be the worst day she spent as a teenager.

High school the second time around brings unforeseen changes and frustrations, but remembering that her future husband, Mitch, has just returned from a mission and is living on the other side of town gives Anne hope. Getting Mitch's attention (for the second time) is more complicated than she could have imagined, but Anne discovers she is stronger than she believed possible—and there just might be a future for her after all.

Anne's husband, Mitch, passed away two years ago and she's having a hard time moving on. A friend offers to take her children for the weekend while she gets some much needed rest at her parents' house. She goes to bed and wakes up as a sixteen-year-old. She gets to relive the worst time of her high school experience but with her adult memories intact. She also has to deal with her high school crush, Sam. Will she be able to change the future? Will she be able to make things right that didn't go well the first time around?

I loved this book and had a hard time putting it down! Anne was easy for me to relate to. It was funny to read her high school experiences and how she dealt with them as a 38-year-old woman. I felt everything she was going through, whether it was embarrassing, exciting, happy or sad. I also felt her struggle with what she was going to do and I wasn't sure how it was going to end. I love that she was able to appreciate the time she had with her parents and improve her relationship with them. She also didn't realize what she meant to others until she was able to have more open and honest conversations with them. I loved, loved, loved the ending and only wish it had lasted a little longer!

While reading this book, I found myself asking the question posed at the beginning--what would you do if you were given a second chance? There are definitely some things I would do differently. But would I want to go back to do them? My gut reaction: Not a chance--I'm happy to be done with high school! But on further reflection, if I could improve relationships and become more clear on the direction I wanted to go in life, then sign me up, I'll return in a heartbeat!!

I'm sure you can tell that I highly recommend this book and My Rating=5 stars!!

emilyAuthor Emily Gray Clawson

Emily Gray Clawson describes herself as an author, mother, and youth mentor. Born and raised in Utah, she is passionate about her faith and great books and will share her love of both with anyone who will listen. Emily began writing at the age of seven, creating homemade picture books that she peddled from door to door. She self-published her first novel, Things Hope For, and is collaborating with Jennifer Graves on a book entitled A Sister’s Witness: The Powell Family Tragedy. With her husband, Richard, Emily founded two youth leadership programs, Handmaidens of Virtue and Mastering Knighthood. Trained in vocal performance in college, she has enjoyed including aspects of her training in this book. Emily and Richard are the parents of four children and live in Taylorsville, Utah.

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