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Fifteen-year-old Christy is on a two week political trip to Washington, D.C. One night, she and the others in her group, eight total, sneak out of their hotel and wander around the city. They've been roaming around for two hours and are now looking for a bathroom. Alex, the good-looking guy she has a crush on, finds a hotel that's a little creepy inside. Christy feels that she shouldn't go in but another guy, Rick, and her roommate, Marybeth, come and walk with her inside. They sneak up the stairs to the bathroom (they figure Alex thinks that's more fun than asking), and as she turns the corner, she sees two men in leather coats, with large guns sticking out, talking to the receptionist. They make her nervous but they don't see her and she heads to the bathroom.

When she steps into the stall, she hears muffled voices and notices a vent just below the ceiling. She's nervous that it might be a guy with a camera, so she climbs onto the back of the toilet to catch the pervert. Instead, she sees a large ballroom and guys with guns similar to the ones she had seen in the lobby. These men are draped in flowing robes and surround a table where four other men sit. Two of the men wear robes similar to the guards surrounding them and the other two are dressed as American businessmen, with their backs to her. 

Marybeth comes to see if she's ready to go and she told her what she was doing and to take a look because something weird was happening. Marybeth doesn't want to but relents and then wants to get out of there so they won't be seen. Christy wants to find out what they are saying so they both look through the vent. Marybeth recognizes the voice of a Senator from Iowa. Her dad told her he was going to save the farmers in her state and is a blessing from heaven. The Senator is being told by one of the robed men that he has failed. They are looking for a favorable result and were told he has the votes. The Senator insists that he does have the votes and the bill will pass. There is a little bit of arguing and Christy and Marybeth witness the gory death of the man who was sitting next to the Senator. It stuns both of them and Marybeth falls to the floor. Christy is nervous that the men might have heard so she looks out the vent again and thinks she sees one of the guys look right at her. Marybeth has passed out and Christy knows they have to get out of there right away. 

The others come in to see what's taking so long and Christy explains that Marybeth has fainted because of what they saw through the vent. Alex, Josh and Rick look through the vent and are sickened by what they see. They hear the men tell the Senator to make it happen and lead him out of the room.

The kids get out of the hotel but the receptionist and guards keep a close eye on them. They run to a different hotel and hide in the laundry room. Christy hears someone walk quietly down the hall and try the door to the room they're in. They fall asleep until 5 am and decide to split into groups to go back to their hotel. Christy notices a guy with icy blue eyes following them and Rick nicknames him Iceman. The kids each type out what they see and get it into the hands of the FBI, who then contact them to learn more. Who is Iceman and why is he following them? Will the FBI be able to keep the teenagers safe? Who does Christy like--exciting, fun Alex or safe, kind Rick?

Christy is smart and nerdy and is glad to make friends with the cool kids and finally feel accepted. She makes some poor decisions throughout the book and I would just have to remember that she's only 15. The plot isn't 100% believable, but that's why it's fiction, and it is highly entertaining. Her relationship with her family was odd to me but it makes the life she needs to live in book 2 easier. There's some suspense, teenage drama, and a love triangle (which continues throughout the series). I thought the story moved along well and found myself interested in what was coming up next. I would recommend this to anyone interested in YA suspense. 

My rating: 4 stars

This book is currently free on Kindle and the two sequels, Protected and Created, are each $3.99 on the Kindle.


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