Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss: Day 3

Today began with If I Ran the Zoo. Gerald McGrew takes a trip to the zoo. He starts by saying the zoo seems pretty good, but if he ran the zoo, this is what he would do. He goes into detail of all the exotic animals he would bring in. He travels all over and is able to obtain cool, different (made up, of course) animals. His new zoo, McGrew's Zoo, is very colorful and looks like lots of fun to visit. My daughter said she would love to go there. This is a wonderfully imaginative book and we loved the pictures and story.

My Rating: 4 stars

Next up was The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. I asked my son if he wanted to read The Cat in the Hat first, but he said no because he likes this one better. Sally and her brother are left home to shovel the snow while their mother leaves for the day (I won't go into the weirdness of that). Along comes The Cat in the Hat who goes in the house and makes himself at home. He makes quite a mess and when he needs help to clean it up, he takes off his hat and there is Little Cat A. Little Cats C, B and A are able to clean the house but they blow it all outside so now the snow is a mess. They keep bringing out more Little Cats to help and it gets messier and messier. Until they get to Little Cat Z. He has VOOM in his hat and it magically cleans up the snow. This is another fun book and I remember reading it to my kids when they were young to help them learn the alphabet.

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Our final book was Daisy-Head Mayzie. Mayzie McGrew is sitting in school one day when a daisy sprouts from the top of her head. She has no idea how it got there and all the kids start talking about it. The teacher takes her to the principal's office. He's not sure what to do so he starts to read up on what it might be. It starts to droop so they think that's the end of it but then Daisy starts drooping, too, so they dump water on her to keep both of them alive. Then the principal calls her parents, a doctor and a florist. They, of course, each have a different opinion on what should be done. The mayor also comes so he can act important and then an agent shows up offering her and her daisy lots of money. She signs the contract and Daisy-Head fever grips the nation. She likes it at first but gets tired of it and runs away, believing that nobody could possibly love her anymore. She plucks the petals of her daisy to see if she's loved and it turns out she is! (As in, "They love her...They love her NOT!, etc.) She realizes that friends and family are more important than fame and returns home. As for the daisy: it disappeared and would only occasionally pop out of her head. This isn't my favorite Dr. Seuss book but it's still cute and helps kids understand how important they are, even if they sometimes make poor decisions. 

My Rating: 3.5 stars


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