Friday, February 8, 2013


I was offered a free copy of this book by the author, Jenni James, if I would write a review for Amazon. I jumped at the chance because I'm trying to get way out of my comfort zone (and I believe it's working)! I finished her book today, so here's my Amazon review:

What a fun, quick read! I've never really enjoyed this particular fairy tale but I love the refreshing direction this story takes.

Prince Frederico is 5 years old when he runs away from Nurse Crabtree and heads off to the pond by himself to collect some strange rocks. While there, an old woman steps out of the bushes and, when she finds out who he is, she puts a curse on him. She tells him his family is evil and must be taught a lesson through the young boy. He's confused and as he heads back to his nurse, he realizes his body is hurting and crippled. His looks freak everyone out and he is taken back to the castle where a young maid named Tilly takes care of him once she's over her initial shock at his appearance.

Fast forward 18 years and we find out that his family was so ashamed of him all those years ago that they told everyone he was dead and buried a box of his old clothes and dirt. Every year, the villagers were required to mourn his death (and pay their taxes) on the anniversary of his "death." Meanwhile, Rumple lives in the cellar under the kitchen and tries to stay out of his family's way. His father has died and his brother, Marcus, is now the king and is not a kind man. Tilly died last year so he's feeling lonely this year.

Aubrynn Sloat is a villager preparing to attend the commencement of Prince Frederico's death. Her father, a drunk, is missing and she hurries to the castle by herself. When King Marcus stands up to deliver his speech, she notices a disturbance and a man is called up to the podium. It turns out to be her father and he tells the King that his daughter can turn straw into gold. She's called to the front and told that if she can truly turn straw into gold, she will become the next queen.

It's fun to read how Aubrynn's and Rumple's paths cross and how they handle the predicament she's been placed in and how the royal family does indeed learn a lesson through Rumple/Prince Frederico. I highly recommend this book to everyone and especially those who love fairy tales!

So this is actually my very first review on Amazon (it's always intimidated me before) and I believe I may have a new hobby!

My Rating: 4 stars


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