Thursday, December 22, 2016

DVD Review: Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress
2016, 27 minutes
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: I received a link to view the movie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Leland Jeppson’s hope is gone. Struggling to get by in their rustic homestead, he had at least wanted to give his family a special Christmas. But with a blizzard blowing in and the train bearing their gifts nowhere in sight, it seems Christmas is just one more thing they’ll have to do without. But as dusk falls, the Jeppsons’ packages unexpectedly arrive at the post office in the not-so-nearby town. Half-blind Postman George Schow is hesitant to brave the storm, but his son, Sidney, will stop at nothing to bring Christmas to the Jeppsons—and ask their daughter, Ellen, to the New Year’s Eve dance. Now it’s up to father and son to battle fierce elements in an attempt to deliver a Christmas miracle. Don’t miss this heartwarming reminder that while God helps those who help themselves, sometimes He does so through others.

I read A Christmas Dress for Ellen, the book that this movie is based on, every year with my children and I cry through most of it every single time. It's Christmas Eve 1927 in Canada and times are tough for the Jeppson family. They are hoping for some Christmas packages from Mary's family who live in Idaho, but they don't come. Mary is a sweet woman who is concerned and disappointed, but hopeful and faithful while dealing with her young children. Leland is discouraged as the provider and not having much for his family, yet he also shows his faith and love for his family.

The Jeppsons' packages arrive late that evening. Sidney Schow, the son of the postman, George, encourages his father to deliver the packages that night. There's a blizzard and they are warm and safe at home, so George is understandably hesitant at first, but ultimately decides to go. There are challenges along the way and George demonstrates his faith as well.

I loved watching this story come to life! I felt for the Jeppson family as they were struggling to make ends meet. Their oldest daughter, Ellen, was upset with the upbeat way her mother was handling the situation, and wanted a reality check. George came across as a bit grumpy at first and it was heartwarming to see the change in him. The casting was perfect and I loved every minute of it! And yes, I cried while watching it. It's an amazing story which we will continue to read every year, and now we will watch it as well!


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