Friday, December 23, 2016

Book Review: To Move the World by Regina Sirois

To Move the World, by Regina Sirois
2016, 284p, Clean Historical Romance
My Rating=4.5 Stars
Source: I received a complimentary copy via eBooks for Review, which did not affect my review in any way

Eve Brannon never had to bother planning out her future. In the Yorkshire dales where life is harder, it is also simpler. Next in line to inherit her family's farm, she will raise another generation of children and sheep high in the uplands of England. Waiting until next year when she is 19 to marry her father's handsome hired hand, Alan, is the detail she added herself.

But in 1939 even the most stalwart corners of the world are vibrating with the tremors of change. Eve's long-anticipated proposal comes on the wings of losing Alan to the Royal Army and at the brink of the farm's profitable war years the sheep herd is decimated by a mysterious illness. With her steady future suddenly in the clutches of a capricious fate, Eve is introduced to Jonathon Doran, a land manager anxious to prove himself in a crisis, and she discovers that the solid earth beneath her feet is moving after all.

This story takes place in England in 1939. Eve lives on a sheep farm with her father and brother and is in love with her father's hired hand, Alan. She plans to marry him but questions that decision when she meets Jonathon Doran, a wealthy land owner who is twelve years older than her. When Alan heads off to war, there's a major crisis on the farm which prompts her to call Jonathon for help.

This story is told in journal format. Eve has recently received a typewriter and shares her thoughts and feelings about what is happening. There's some humor as she tries to figure out her feelings between Alan and Jonathon. She has a best friend named Theo who was a fun character to get to know, along with her love interest. I enjoyed all of the characters and was surprised to find my opinion of a few of them to be different by the end of the book.

My only complaint is that it's part of the Matchmaker series and Pearl wasn't really involved. She played a small role (only appearing twice towards the end) and I didn't feel that she guided Eve one way or the other. The romance is light and, since Eve's young, there's more of a coming-of-age feel to this story, which I enjoyed. This is the second book I've read by this author and I really enjoy her writing style. I look forward to reading more from her in the future!

Regina Sirois is 90% reader and 10% writer, and as such, her loyalty lies with readers. She believes a book should do more than mildly entertain- it should change us. She graduated summa cum laude from Missouri State's Department of History and English and settled in the golden wheat fields of Kansas with her High School love. She is currently doing laundry (probably) and raising her two daughters. She fell in love the day she learned to read and cried the first time she did a word problem in math ("But it's not a problem..." sob, sob. "It's a story!"). In her debut novel, "On Little Wings," Regina Sirois holds nothing back as she dares to make us believe.


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