Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Review: The Truth About Fragile Things by Regina Sirois

The Truth About Fragile Things, by Regina Sirois
2016, 308p, YA Contemporary
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy via eBooks for Review for an honest review

Bryon died fifty years before his time. Charlotte grew up angry. I grew up scared. And Phillip- well, he never grew up.

And now we are all bound together in one painful heap of humanity. Broken, but bound. And maybe it is only the fact that we are tangled in this terrible knot that will hold us together until we heal. This is unfortunately, and miraculously, my story.

17-year-old Megan Riddick is alive only because a stranger died to save her when she was a toddler. Fifteen years later she finds herself in the same high school as that heroic man's daughter.

Charlotte Exby never knew her father because he chose to save a child he didn't know instead of raise the one he loved.

Plagued with guilt and resentment, Megan and Charlotte make an uneasy truce as they join forces to complete the bucket list of the man who made both of their lives possible.

When Megan was two, a man named Byron Exby saved her life, losing his in the process. She's now 17 and still feels guilty about that. A new girl in her school starts glaring at her and seems to hate her for no reason. She soon learns that she is Charlotte Exby, Byron's daughter. Megan has never told anyone what happened all those years ago but finally decides to confide in her best friend, Phillip. After an uncomfortable beginning, Charlotte, Megan and Phillip decide to work on Byron's bucket list together and learn a lot about themselves and each other in the process.

I was definitely intrigued when I read the blurb for this book. I was hooked right away, wanting to know the entire story about what happened all those years ago and what would happen when Megan and Charlotte met each other. It felt realistic. There were issues to work through and their relationship felt like a roller coaster. Then, you add in their families, and there's more drama and feelings to work through.

Megan and Phillip became friends when they both had lead roles in their eighth grade play. The stage is the only place where life makes sense to Megan so she's a terrific actress. She continually refers to Phillip as just a friend but it seemed like there was more. Their relationship didn't turn out the way I thought it would in the end but I liked what happened.

This is a book that makes you stop and think how you would behave if you were one of the main characters. It's a tough situation to be in, full of complications and layers. The characters were easy for me to love and I enjoyed getting to know them. This is quite simply a fantastic book from beginning to end!

Regina Sirois is 90% reader and 10% writer, and as such, her loyalty lies with readers. She believes a book should do more than mildly entertain- it should change us. She graduated summa cum laude from Missouri State's Department of History and English and settled in the golden wheat fields of Kansas with her High School love. She is currently doing laundry (probably) and raising her two daughters. She fell in love the day she learned to read and cried the first time she did a word problem in math ("But it's not a problem..." sob, sob. "It's a story!"). In her debut novel, "On Little Wings," Regina Sirois holds nothing back as she dares to make us believe. 


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