Friday, December 4, 2015

Book Review: Sterling Bridge by Chad Robert Parker

Sterling Bridge, by Chad Robert Parker
2015, 144p, LDS Fiction
My Rating=3 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Tensions are high in small-town Tooele, Utah, during the Great Depression, but coach Sterling Harris knows football is the answer. With his job on the line, he makes a bold play to find victory for his team and unity for his town. Based on a true story, this inspiring book gives you a fresh perspective on the past and hope for the future.

This book takes place during the Great Depression in the small town of Tooele, Utah. The town is divided between Oldtown and Newton--the pioneers and the immigrants. They don't mix well together. Sterling Harris comes to town as the new football coach and is determined to unite both sides, both on and off the field. 

I love a good story of something bringing people together (in this case, football). This story fell a bit flat to me. Let's start with what I didn't like. It's not very long but I was confused through most of it as it skips around a lot. It didn't flow well to me. There was buildup to their championship year and then that story was told in one chapter. It felt more like a documentary and at the end I didn't feel that I had connected with any of the characters.

What I did like are the facts of the story: A coach comes to town and has his work cut out for him as his goal is to unite the town and bring people together. He has passion for football and the boys he meets. Even though I didn't feel connected to the characters, I can appreciate what he did. Tensions were high between two different groups of people and he came in and showed them how to be more accepting and how to exist in harmony with each other. He wasn't perfect but he gave all that he had his entire life.

The overall message is inspiring and there are some descriptive football play-by-plays which will appeal to football fans! I had never heard of Sterling Harris before I read this book and am glad that I got to know more about this man and the legacy he left behind.

CHAD ROBERT PARKER lived in six states growing up, and is the second of six boys. Each served two-year missions. He is the son of two great, humble parents. They taught him a love for family, church, and life. Chad is an avid sports fan and likes creating games. He also likes juggling; he chose to juggle publishing his first book with getting married and starting a new venture hosting a site to share and collect good everyday life stories. Chad works in the library by day at BYU and dabbles in marketing and creative writing services at by night. He lives in beautiful Saratoga Springs, Utah, with his lovely wife. They are enjoying the life of newlyweds and feel like this is just how life was meant to be.


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