Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review: Fremont Rosenbloom: Party Assassin For Hire by Michael Bast

Fremont Rosenbloom: Party Assassin For Hire, by Michael Bast
2015, 415p, YA Fiction
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the author for an honest review

Your ex-husband getting remarried? Your slave driver boss’ son having a birthday party? Do you want their special day ruined?

It can be arranged. (801) 555-2020

What would make a 17 year old kid start a business where you can hire him to ruin special occasions?
Don’t judge Fremont yet. He’s got one wild story.

Fremont  Rosenbloom is a 17-year-old boy living on his own so he resorts to running a shady business where he ruins special events to help people get revenge. He's good at what he does and doesn't have problems finding work. It was interesting to learn the circumstances that led to that decision.

He has a good friend, Adeline Van Apple (Addy), who tries to help him reform and a neighbor, Modesto, who he has a special bond with. Someone new moves in and Fremont is suspicious of him. With Addy's help, they figure out who he is and what he's really doing there.

Fremont is not likable in the beginning. I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy reading this book because of that. I wanted to give him a chance, though, and am glad I did. He's more complex than he appears to be at first. My opinion of him changed throughout the book. Having a friend like Addy definitely helped. She was easy to like and tried to help others (and even Fremont) see the best in him, too, which wasn't easy at all. His relationship with his neighbor, Modesto, is touching, funny and crude at times (they speak freely with each other and make references to male body parts). There are other characters that added spice to the story as well, especially Addy's sister, Savannah, who Fremont has had a crush on for years.

This book was very different from what I've been reading lately and it was a nice change of pace. There are some bizarre things that happen throughout the book. There's plenty of humor and action which kept me turning pages to learn what would happen next. This is a fun read that I would recommend to older teens with the warning that there is swearing and crude "guy talk."

Michael Bast was born in the hostile deserts of Arizona where outside of a handful of years he has lived his entire life. What is odd is that each year around May he begins to wonder why he still lives in Arizona as the temperatures rise and simmer in the triple digits.

Mike's background is in film-making where he created several documentaries and independent films. He loves movies, sports and torturing his four kids.


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