Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book Review: Christmas Wonders by Robyn Buttars

Christmas Wonders, by Robyn Buttars
2015, 136p, Christmas
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Have a wonder-filled Christmas, people in Luke's new hometown greet one another as Christmas approaches. With no memory of a Christmas celebration, ten-year-old Luke feels excluded from the town's tradition, until he finds his deceased mother's nativity set. Touched by Mary's protecting embrace of the Baby Jesus, Luke experiences his first Christmas Wonder. His discovery is the catalyst for a search that leads to a soul-changing season for neighbors as Luke finds his connection to heavenly love.

Robyn Buttars, author of the best-selling and award winning novella Christmas Rose, weaves an unforgettable holiday story for the entire family.

It's 1965 and 9-year-old Luke and his father have just moved to a new town. His mother died five years earlier. Luke's father is busy working as a cobbler so Luke has time to explore the town and meet the other shop owners in their area. He's not very familiar with Christmas since he and his father don't celebrate it. He learns about the town's tradition of Christmas Wonders and his questions lead up to the best Christmas Wonder of all!

This book is fantastic!! I felt sorry for Luke at first. His father sent him to his first day of school by himself, which seemed weird to me (and the principal). He's left by himself a lot since his father is busy working and trying to get past the grief of losing his wife. Luke is just a normal kid but he makes a huge impact on those around him. I felt such love for him as those things were pointed out. He starts a quest which leads to a tear-jerking discovery. There are some great side characters who start out teaching him and are amazed at what they end up learning from him.

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end! If you're looking for a book that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas, then this is one you will want to read. I'm excited to share it with my family and this will be a treasure for many years to come!

ROBYN BUTTARS is an award-winning author of books for children and adults. Her first novella, Christmas Rose, won first place in the League of Utah Writer’s Contest and was a holiday bestseller. Her home is Lewiston, Utah, and she and her husband, Kent, are the parents of six children. She is a registered nurse and enjoys traveling, composing, and reading.


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