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Book Reviews: Two for the Road and More from the Road by Ekta R. Garg

Two for the Road, by Ekta R. Garg
2015, 60p, Contemporary Fiction
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the author for an honest review

Ah, summer. Long days full of warm sunshine and one of the most popular times to travel. But what happens when something throws your travel plans off course?

This June meet brand new characters in Two for the Road!

The First Story, “Excess Baggage”: Allison has just come home from a grueling business trip. All she wants to do is spend a quiet weekend at home parked in front of the TV or maybe curled up with a blanket. When a friend calls to ask her for a favor, though, all of Allison’s plans hit rough air.

The Second Story, “Wrong Way”: With one daughter married and another in college, Rachel and Jim should be enjoying their time as a couple again. But Jim’s worries about his widowed mother force Rachel into a spur-of-the-moment road trip to check on the old bat. When Jim catches Rachel complaining to a friend, tension will ride with them in the car. Can Rachel make an apology stick?

In the first story, "Excess Baggage," Allison is an event coordinator for a hotel chain. She is looking forward to coming home and relaxing after traveling for a while. She gets a phone call from a friend asking her to do a favor. It doesn't sound too bad, so she agrees. It turns into more than she had planned on and each time she feels like she's done and can relax, a new problem crops up. She also learns that she needs to work the next day for someone that is very demanding. I shook my head at the final sentence and started looking forward to the rest of the story.

In "Wrong Way," Rachel and Jim are empty nesters. Rachel recently helped her mother-in-law, Mabel, move to Florida and is looking forward to a much needed weekend getaway with her husband. However, when Jim can't reach his mother, he is determined that they are going to visit her instead. Yes, that will create lots of tension and fights and at the very end, Rachel hits him with a huge zinger. 

More from the Road, by Ekta R. Garg
2015, 66p, Contemporary Fiction
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the author for an honest review

Have you ever looked forward to a vacation so much that the anticipation actually outdoes the vacation.

Allison comes home from a long business trip and wants nothing more than to park on the couch for the weekend. Everything goes haywire when she picks friendship over her personal comforts. Will she be able to salvage any of her free time? Will Cassie and Roger ever get their act together? Does Suzie finally give Allison her due?

And what about Rachel and Jim? Rachel has been very patient with her husband for almost three decades, but sometimes enough is enough. When is he going to get it already? Will this trip to Saint Augustine become a make-or-break situation? How can she convince the man she loves that he needs to let his mother go?

Find out how both of these stories wrap up in More from the Road, the sequel to Two for the Road!

Allison is exhausted and her favor for a friend has become time consuming. She learns of yet one more hiccup and sets off to fix it. Once again, every time she feels like the favor has come to an end, something else comes up. I could feel her frustration and knew that if I was in her shoes, I would make the same decisions. She made a commitment to a friend and was determined to see it through no matter how much it affected her. The ending was interesting, and that's all I'll say about that.

Rachel and Jim are having a tension filled trip to Florida to check on Jim's mother, Mabel. Rachel has had a hard time with her in the past but has recently noticed some differences in the way Mabel has treated her. She gets a new perspective on Mabel during this trip and Jim learns that his mother actually likes to have personal space. They each learn something on this trip that will help them as they move forward in life. 

I enjoyed both of these books and the different characters. This is the second set of books I've read from the author. The idea is stories in pairs. The first book contains the major stories which share a theme and a link. The second book continues and finishes the first book. 

I like this author's writing and enjoy these books, but I would personally prefer one book. I don't have the best memory when it comes to reading so I tend to forget what happened in the first book if I don't read the second one right away. This is an interesting concept and I'm sure there are some people that will embrace it; it's just not for me. I will continue reading her stories, though, once both books are out! 

Since the start of her publishing career in 2005 Ekta has edited and written about everything from health care to home improvement to Hindi films. She has worked for: The Portland Physician Scribe, Portland, Oregon's premier medical newspaper; show magazines for home tours organized by the Portland Home Builders Association;; The Bollywood Ticket; The International Indian; and the annual anthologies published by the Avondale Inkslingers, based in Avondale, Arizona.

In 2011 Ekta stepped off the ledge and became a freelancer. She edits short stories and novels for other writers, contributing to their writing dreams. She is also a part-time editor for aois21, and she reviews books for her own book review blog as well as NetGalley, TypeReel, and

Prairie Sky Publishing serves as the publishing arm of Ekta's professional writing blog, The Write Edge ( When she's not writing, Ekta is a domestic engineer--known in the vernacular as "a housewife." She's married, has two energetic daughters who keep her running, and she divides her time between keeping house and fulfilling her writing dreams.


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