Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blog Tour/Review: More Than the Tattooed Mormon by Al Fox Carraway

More Than the Tattooed Mormon, by Al Fox Carraway
2015, 176p, LDS Non-Fiction, Inspirational
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Al Fox Carraway has spent the last four years inspiring the world with her story of conversion, redemption, and finding faith. As a blogger and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. This up-close look at her life will show you what it means to truly trust in the Lord.

"Don't go, Al. You won't fit in."

Being baptized and following the Lord has made Al's life harder than it ever was before. She endured criticism from friends and family for becoming a Mormon. She faced harsh judgments from Church members for her appearance. She gave up everything and felt more alone than she ever had in her life. All because she chose God.

Now she shares an up-close look at how trusting God has led her to places she never expected. As a blogger, YouTuber, and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. Sharing her love of the Savior, Al goes beyond her own conversion and encourages readers to choose God above anything else. This uplifting book inspires readers to build a true relationship with the Lord that will bring them real, lasting happiness.

I love to read conversion stories and heard about Al Fox (now Carraway) a few years ago. I didn't know too much about her so was interested to hear her story. 

I loved that I felt like she was just talking to me, telling me what led up to her joining the church and how difficult it was for her after that. She actually had a great life and didn't feel like anything was missing. Things changed for her when she started asking questions. When she joined the church, her friends and family left her and she was completely alone. She was able to find the strength to keep reading and studying her scriptures and attending church. Moving to Utah was in some ways more difficult for her, though. She dealt with insensitive comments and looks from others but never let those keep her from living the way she knew she should.

Her story is inspiring! She seems like she would be fun to know. She gets real and shares some serious heartache she experienced. There are also lots of good times, too! I liked that she included what her current relationship is with her family.

This is more than just her story--she shares scriptures and passages that have helped her. I enjoyed hearing her perspective on those and so much more. It's easy to see why she's a highly sought after speaker. Her story is definitely thought-provoking, inspiring and well worth the read! 

AL CARRAWAY is an award-winning LDS speaker, a blogger, and a convert. She was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where she became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2009 and earned her degree in graphic design.

Al's social presence first started with, where she blogs about her relationship with God and her experiences and trials. Over the years she has found herself traveling across the country every week. She speaks to LDS audiences of all kinds--at youth camps, firesides, and even prisons--sharing her conversion story and teaching all those who will listen how to keep going in hard times and how to stay close to God when we think our prayers aren't being heard or we're asked to do things we may not understand.

Al married her sweetheart, Ben, in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in Utah, and they are now currently enjoying the heat and cacti of Arizona with their daughter, Gracie.

She loves the outdoors, waking up early, and hot sauce and onions on everything she eats. She is a die-hard pizza fan and a lover of God and all things good.

Her passion is to tell everyone that happiness exists and that it comes from this gospel.


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