Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CD Review: What Heaven Feels Like by Calee Reed

What Heaven Feels Like, by Calee Reed
2015, Inspirational Music
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a CD from the recording company for an honest review

Calee Reed makes her mark as a thoughtful and exciting new voice in spiritual and inspirational music with this beautiful follow-up to her debut album. Her folk pop sound is the perfect backdrop to gorgeous vocals and soaring melody lines. The title track, “What Heaven Feels Like,” stands out with a tender description of the lasting relationships we forge in this life that remain through the life to come. In the song “Possible,” Calee writes from an authentic place of joy as she reflects on God’s ability to extend our efforts beyond what we thought was possible. This album will help you see and enjoy more in life. It’s the perfect album to keep you dancing and singing through the summer.

1. Living Water
2. I Am Enough
3. Possible
4. Miraculous
5. What Heaven Feels Like
6. Sunshine
7. Come Unto Christ

I haven't heard Calee Reed's music before so I was excited to listen to this CD. I loved it! For me, it got better and better as I kept listening and the last three songs are my favorites. "What Heaven Feels Like" is a song she wrote shortly after her mother passed away. You can read the story behind that and her lyrics here. "Sunshine" is fun and upbeat with parts of "There is Sunshine in My Soul." I love "Come Unto Christ," which was quite popular last year as it was part of the youth theme and I never get tired of hearing it!

I liked the different sounds she has since she sometimes sounded like a pop singer and other times like she was singing in church. Her voice is clear and strong and I can listen to her over and over. I love all the songs on her CD and have found myself singing many of her songs throughout the day. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an uplifting and inspirational CD!

About Calee

A native of San Diego, CALEE REED has been writing and singing songs since she was a little girl. Her latest work shows her at her peak vocally and stylistically. She writes songs that capture raw emotion and vivid imagery, helping the listener tune into their own faith journey and find the peace and joy that she points out from her own experience. As a new mother, she makes poignant observations about the depth and meaning of the human experience, with all of its ups and downs. Her latest album is a heartfelt testimony that reflects the joy she has found in her journey.


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