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Blog Tour/Review: Stars, Stockings, and Shepherds by Shersta Chabot

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Stars, Stockings & Shepherds, by Shersta Chabot, Illustrated by Corey Egbert
2014, 32p, Christmas Picture Book
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Do you know the symbolism behind evergreens, sheep, or the color red? This adorably illustrated picture book teaches the meanings behind 24 Christmastime objects and is the perfect gift for any children, parents, or grandparents on your list. Make your family’s holiday season one to remember with this inspiring reminder of the gospel roots behind our treasured Christmas traditions.

I've learned about most of these symbols before and have had beautiful handouts with some of them over the years which I've either tossed or can't find. It's nice to have a beautifully illustrated book with the Christmas symbols and their meanings! No more hunting around for scraps of paper since I know this will be with the rest of my Christmas books.

The author takes 24 different objects, animals and people, from trees, lights, reindeer and sheep to Mary, Joseph and Jesus and explains how they relate to Christmas. I was familiar with some and learned about others for the first time. I didn't realize that holly is a symbol of good fortune, or luck. At one time, it was believed that if you hung branches of holly on your door and windows, it would invite good luck in and keep bad luck out and it also shows that the birth of Christ is celebrated in that home. I really need to make sure I have holly on hand during the holidays!

I love the layout of this book and the illustrations are amazing! This will make an excellent gift for anyone, young or old. I will be keeping this with my Christmas book collection and plan to read it every Christmas season with my children so we can keep the symbols and their meanings fresh in our minds!

About the author: 

Shersta Chabot grew up in Utah, the oldest in a family of eleven children. After working for several years in both corporate and small business accounting, she returned to her first love—English literature—and completed her Bachelor’s degree at Utah Valley University while working as Acquisitions Editor for a local trade publishing company. Currently, she lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her three children, where she has taken on the dual challenges of graduate student and teacher of writing at Arizona State University. Shersta is the author of The Symbols of Christmas.

About the Illustrator:

Corey Egbert has illustrated numerous books and publications, including The Holy Ghost is Like A Blanket by Annalisa Hall and the Niuhi Shark Saga series by Lehua Parker. He has also exhibited his work in galleries and won several awards for his handmade prints and digital illustrations.

He studied art at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah and is currently a student at Southern Virginia University where he is studying art history, classic literature and philosophy.

He lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia with his wife Natalya, son Oliver, and their cat, Rex.

He is open to any questions or comments and available for all manner of illustration jobs. Contact him at:


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