Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post: The Deception of Devin Miller by Kelly Martin

I want to thank Melanie for having me on her blog today. Not only today, but on the 23rd for the book blitz. She’s a good lady. I’m here to talk about my new book, THE DECEPTION OF DEVIN MILLER. I’ve made this tour a ‘list’ tour: basically, every stop I have a different list for you. 

Here, I wanted to list my top 10 favorite book characters… and hope you are as big of a fangirl (guy) as I am…

1)    Heathcliff—Wuthering Heights: The bad boy to beat all bad boys.

2)    Damon Salvator—The Vampire Diaries (#1):  Okay, maybe Damon is the bad boy to beat all bad boys ;)

3)    Jace—Mortal Instruments: He’s just so snarky.

4)    Will—Clockwork Princess. Basically Jace... in the past.

5)    Mad Hatter—Alice in Wonderland. If the Mad Hatter is in it, I’ll watch it. I LOVE the Once Upon a Time version of him.

6)    Sherlock Holmes—Sherlock books. My FAVORITE detective ever! And my favorite book series! I should have had him number 1, but I didn’t want you all to see my major fangirling. Seriously… its bad ;)

7)    Clary—Mortal Instruments: I like how she’s not a crying damsel. She can take care of herself J

8)    Brittany—B.I.G. IS BEAUTIFUL: A Love Story Okay, so this is my book… and it hasn’t come out yet (Sept 3rd). But I LOVE her! She’s chubby and awesome. Like me ;)

9)    Devin Miller—The Deception of Devin Miller. She doesn’t have any memories so she has to go with her gut. A great lesson for us all.

10)  Moriarty—Sherlock—The Final Problem. Sure, the character ONLY showed up on 2 books. One he was in and one he was sort of in. And he never had any dialogue (that I remember), but he will always be remembered as Sherlock’s greatest foe. If you haven’t, watch the BBC version for a wonderfully scary Moriarty by Andrew Scott. J

So there you have it: my top 10 favorite book characters. Are any of your favorites on the list?

I hope after you read Devin, she’ll become one of your favorites.

What is Devin Miller about anyway? One month ago, seventeen year old Devin Miller wrecked while intoxicated— or so she’s told by the sightly ticked off blue-eyed boy when she wakes up from a coma. The only thing Devin remembers is the darkness holding her down and the voices-- some happy, some upset, and one very agitated. She can't remember her name, her age, where she lives, or who in the world the blue-eyed boy is. But he knows her and against her better judgment, she offers to pay him for his memories so she can trick the ones closest to her into thinking she's fine. 
That is her first mistake.
When Devin gets home, the deception is harder than she thought. People she doesn't know keep talking to her. Trey (the blue-eyed boy) doesn't show up like he said he would. And the police want to talk to her about her involvement with the car accident. Plus she keeps seeing flashes of the wreck, but none of them make sense. What would a red plastic cup have to do with anything? And why can't she seem to trust the people she is supposed to trust the most?
Facing DUI charges for a wreck she can't recall, Devin fights to remember exactly what happened the night of the crash: something the real driver desperately wants her to forget permanently.
Who is really doing the deceiving?

Author Bio: Kelly Martin a southern girl who writes... a lot. She is the author of SAINT SLOAN and Grace Award winning, CROSSING THE DEEP. By day, she is a teacher. By night, she has her hair in a bun and her fingers on a keyboard. She loves God, is addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep. Kelly loves a good mystery and believes in Sherlock Holmes.


Taylor Dean said...

So, my daughter got me hooked on Vampire Diaries and I LOVE Damon too! I'm a Dalena fan! And I'd also have to agree with the Once Upon a Time version of the Mad Hatter. Great post, Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

I agree that Damon is a great character but I haven't read the book--I've only seen some episodes of Vampire Diaries. I love Sherlock Holmes, too. I first read his adventures when I was 18 and became hooked so I see why he's your favorite, Kelly! At the risk of getting yelled at, I just couldn't get into The Mortal Instrument series. I read the first book, put book 2 down for 6 months without ever feeling like picking it up again and have no desire to try it again. Great list!

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