Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blog Tour/Review: Infected by Gregg Luke

Infected, by Gregg Luke
2016, 327p, Suspense, Medical Thriller
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Mother Nature: the world's most innovative killer.

Deep in the jungles of Venezuela, mycologist Dr. Julia Fatheringham is engrossed in her study of native fungi. But what begins as a standard research trip quickly spirals into chaos when her associate's erratic behavior results in his horrifying death. Soon, Julia makes a startling discovery: her partner was contaminated by an organism found only in insects. It alters the victim's mind in alarming ways, with an invariably deadly outcome. Julia is baffled by her discovery—this organism has never appeared in humans. It shouldn't be possible. There is only one terrifying conclusion: The infection has jumped species.

Now, in this remote corner of the world, a contagion of unparalleled horror rests in Julia's hands. But even as she works to contain the organism that could spell devastation of apocalyptic proportions, there are others with a different agenda. They've learned of her discovery and will go to any lengths to acquire a sample—there is good money to be had in eco-terrorism.

Armed only with her strength of mind and what courage she can gather, Julia prepares to battle the devastating scourge—and the terrorists determined to unleash it on humanity.

This book starts out fast and doesn't let up the entire time! It takes a look at what could happen if a deadly organism was released on mankind and how it can quickly spread. It starts out as an accident but catches the attention of people that want it for nefarious purposes. Dr. Julia Fatheringham is working hard to keep it from spreading but it's not easy. People she should be able to trust are working against her.

The story switches back and forth between multiple characters so, for the most part, the reader knows what side everyone falls on. I liked getting into the heads of the bad guys as well as the good guys. There were some surprises, though, as everything unfolded.

Be warned that there are descriptions that will make you a bit squeamish. It reminded me why I'm not in the medical field--my stomach can't regularly handle things like that. I was still fascinated with what was happening, though, and couldn't stop reading. The idea that something like this could actually happen adds to the creepiness of it.

This is a book where I didn't necessarily become invested in the individual characters (most likely since they were in crisis mode the entire time), but loved getting to know each of them and also loved the book as a whole! If you enjoy fast-moving suspense and have a strong stomach, this is a book you will definitely want to read!

Gregg Luke is a practicing pharmacist. He received his medical training at the University of Utah. He has been writing since he could put pen to paper. He enjoys medical thrillers and is one of the first to work this genre into the LDS market.

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Great review!! You have a knack of accurately describing my thoughts, but you say it much better. :)

Melanie said...

Thanks! That's funny, because I always think the same thing about your reviews!

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I could have sworn I commented on this last night. hehe. Great review, this book sounds fantastic!

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