Monday, May 2, 2016

Book Spotlight: I'mPossible: Desire, Dream, Do by Jeff Griffin

I'mPossible: Desire, Dream, Do, by Jeff Griffin
2015, 156p, Non-fiction, Motivational

Author, Jeff Griffin, spent his life working towards his dream of playing college football as a receiver. He was one step closer to fulfilling his dream until the following summer when a construction accident left him broken and paralyzed from the waist down. As he picked through the shattered pieces of his dreams, he realized he had a decision to make. He could either stay down and quit or get back up and succeed. His experience has motivated himself and others to Desire, Dream and Do. In 2004 Jeff was a member of the USA men's Paralympic basketball team in Athens, Greece. He competed in Amsterdam, Holland, as a member of the USA men's national world championship team in 2006.

Griffin is now working to inspire people to begin their personal journey to reaching their goals. He knows everyone will face obstacles and setbacks along the way and has created the signs and guide posts you will need on your journey!

Jeff Griffin is a wheelchair athlete who earned his Master’s degree in Education and knows how to win. He played in the 2004 Athens Olympics, holds a Guinness Book of World Records, and is a four time NWBA All-Star MVP. He enjoys mentoring youth , distributing wheelchairs, and providing Peer Training Materials through his humanitarian efforts with LDS Charities, which he currently sits on the board.


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