Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Review: A Reluctant Assassin by JC Morrows

A Reluctant Assassin, by JC Morrows
2015, 228p, Christian Dystopia
My Rating=3.5 Stars
Source: Received a copy via Singing Librarian Book Tours for an honest review

Her mission was simple — get close to the Prince, and kill him. . .

Kayden entered the palace under a lie, one designed to get her close to the Prince. On the outside, she may look like a princess but beneath the mask, a killer lays in wait — for the perfect moment.

Dvarius was not ready to take the crown, nor was he ready for a wife . . . but due to his father’s unexpected death and an archaic law — he must find a bride before he is allowed to take his rightful place on the throne.

And the one woman he wants — just might be the one who is there to kill him...

I signed up to read the second book in this series and wanted to read the first book as well. I love dystopia and Christian dystopia was new to me so I was intrigued. Add in royalty and an assassin posing as a potential bride and I'm in.

The prince, Dvarius, needs to find a wife so 25 women have been invited to the palace for him to choose from. Kayden is in that group of women. However, she has been sent there to assassinate the prince. They meet early on and Dvarius feels a connection with Kayden. He realizes he needs to make an effort with the other women and discovers that there might be someone else that could also make him happy.

Kayden feels like a fraud at the beginning but is able to adjust to life in the palace the longer she stays. She is able to form a friendship with a rival, which is something she didn't expect to do. As she learns more about Dvarius, she's not sure she can complete her assignment but is also worried about the penalty bestowed on anyone who crosses the Order of the MoonStone.

I thought there were some issues with this book but overall, I enjoyed it. I didn't feel like there was any sort of build up to the two of them meeting. I would have liked a scene at the beginning where Kayden showed her skills as an assassin because she seemed so nice the whole time that I had a hard time picturing her as one. There were times when I felt the writing was almost too fast paced and it would have been nice to have more details.

Having said that, I did also enjoy the fast pace of the book because I found myself continually reading one more chapter to find out what would happen next. I love that it's clean and the prince believes in God. I'm still intrigued and am looking forward to reading more. It ended in a cliffhanger so I was glad I had book two ready to start reading!

J​C Morrows- Bestselling author of YA Christian speculative fiction, drinker of coffee and avid reader - is a storyteller in the truest sense of the word. JC has been telling stories in one form or another her entire life and once her mother convinced her to write them down, she couldn't stop.

She finished her first speculative fiction novel purely for the enjoyment of her mother - also known as her biggest fan.

She gives God all of the glory for her talent and ability!


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