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Blog Tour/Author Interview: Santa Fe Sunrise by Tanya Stowe

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Brett Fraser has quit his job, loaded his earthly possessions into his black sports car and headed out to find himself in the great Southwest. Somewhere on his successful climb up the corporate ladder, he lost sight of the man God intended him to be. But Brett intends to find himself again. Rafaela De Silva has an art gallery to run, a sprawling piece of family property with back taxes due, and a younger sister to care for who suffers from anorexia. She doesn?t have time for broken shoe laces, sprained ankles or tumbling into the arms of a handsome stranger, especially one whose past involves scandal. Brett?s determined to help the beautiful runner he rescues from a fall. After examining the smooth edges of her broken shoelace, he?s convinced her accident wasn?t accidental. But if he?s going to help her, he?ll have to convince her to trust him?a difficult task given his past. Under the sun-kissed skies of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Brett must rediscover his purpose in life before he loses Rafaela forever. Who is trying to harm Rafaela? Will she live long enough for Brett to win her heart?

Interview with Tanya Stowe via SLB

1-How long does it typically take you to write a book?
That depends a lot on what I’m writing. I have done the actual writing of 40,000+ word in a month. But…and that’s a big exception. I’m a plotter so I have a story in my head for a long time before I actual start to write. Sometimes for years. I also do a lot of character development and editing so start to finish a book can take anywhere from a month to six months.

2-When did you write your first book and how old were you?
I wrote my first book when I was 11 years old. My favorite television program ended and I hated the ending so I wrote my own story with a “Happy Ever After” ending.

3-What suggestions would you give potential author to help them become a better writer?
Learn your craft. Educate yourself. I joined Romance Writer’s of America and discovered what I learned in 7 years on my own could have been learned in 1 with a reputable organization like RWA or American Christian Fiction Writers. The second thing I would recommend, by every means available and don’t be afraid to show your work to others. The best growth comes when you toughen up and accept the positive criticism. But again learn your craft so you know the difference between the good feedback and the bad.

4-How frequently do you hear from your fans?
I don’t get a lot “fan” letters per say. But I’m in contact with readers on my Facebook page pretty frequently. I also have a newsletter where I pass on my latest news. My husband and I have traveled quite a bit. We lived in the Middle East for two years so I also write a blog about travel. But mostly, I keep in touch with readers through my FB page.

5-As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did becoming a writer ever cross your mind?
Well…since I wrote my first book at 11 years old, I’d say being a writer was my pretty much my first choice. I did have a period where I wanted to be an Egyptologist. But then I decided if I just wrote about ancient Egypt, I wouldn’t have to get dirty.

6-What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not writing?
My husband and I love to travel. In fact, we are preparing to sell our house, buy a motorhome and become permanent RV’ers so we can travel the U.S. We enjoy hiking. My husband is planning to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in the spring and he’s trying to convince me to go. But you know, I have this "aversion to dirt thing" I mentioned before. I’m sure he will win the argument because I just can’t stand to miss out on any adventures. I also love to play tennis because it was one of the few sports where I could actually beat my husband and my sons…occasionally. Those days are growing few and far between though. But my most favorite thing to do is spend time with my 20 grandchildren. Usually we pile one or two…or six in the car with us and head out. Those are the best times.

Novelist Tanya Stowe has had eclectic career. Working as a freelance writer, her profiles have featured celebrities such as Fabio and New York Times Bestselling authors LaVyrle Spencer, Shirlee Busbee, and Heather Graham. Tanya wrote grants, participated in a collection of women’s survival stories and collaborated on a full length Christmas musical. She also worked as a marketing assistant, and an event coordinator doing a stint with the American Cancer Society.

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