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Blog Tour/Review: Raising an Army of Helaman's Warriors by Mark D. Ogletree and Kevin A. Hinckley

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Raising an Army of Helaman's Warriors: A Guide for Parents to Prepare the Greatest Generation of Missionaries, by Mark D. Ogletree and Kevin A. Hinckley
2015, 192p, LDS Non-Fiction
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Turn your home into an MTC! With missionaries being called at younger ages and so many distractions and temptations to pull teens astray, parents need a plan to keep their kids on the missionary track. This practical, testimony-building approach to mission prep is perfect for parents and leaders. Start now so they can serve honorably and spread the word to all the world!

This book is fantastic!! With the change in age for boys to serve missions at 18 and girls at 19, our youth need to be better prepared for missionary service at younger ages. I loved that the authors don't mince words--it is the parents' responsibility to prepare their children to serve missions. We need to teach our children at home and church should reinforce what they've already learned. 

I love this quote: "In the divine order of teaching, parents are to instruct their children in gospel principles. Church is where those values and teachings are reinforced--not the other way around! Families are not the safety net to catch those things that are not mentioned in church. The family is the front line of teaching!" (p. 14)

As I reflected on this quote, I realized one of the areas where I am currently falling short. I taught my children a lot when they were younger and have been slacking lately. I didn't bother to learn too much about the new Sunday School curriculum, Come, Follow Me. I've heard bits and pieces on what it's about and I will occasionally help my son complete his assignments but I haven't been too engaged in it. After I read their advice to use this in the home, I actually looked at it and am excited to start implementing it! 

There is so much great information in this book! They discuss how we need to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepare our children now to be great missionaries. At the end of each chapter, they give practical applications, supplemental materials and references.

The final chapter is one of my favorites: "Making Your Home an MPC." MPC stands for missionary preparation center and this chapter is full of great ideas and advice. They don't claim to have the only ideas that will work and encourage parents to seek the Lord's help and He will let you know what you need to focus on. 

I realized while reading this how ill prepared I was to serve a mission many years ago. I also had six months to prepare since I made my decision when I was twenty years old. I think this information will be helpful for families regardless of whether or not your children serve missions. And if the decision to serve is last-minute like mine was, you'll both feel more confident that your child will be prepared.  

I will read this book multiple times in the coming years and am excited to apply this information. This is an excellent guide to help prepare children for missionary service!

About the authors:

Kevin Hinckley is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice. He received his M.Ed from Brigham Young University, with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior. He has developed numerous therapeutic programs, including inpatient and day treatment programs for addiction and trauma recovery. He has worked closely with the LDS Addiction Recovery Program and is the author of The Naaman Project, a day treatment program for Pornography Addiction. A former bishop and institute teacher, Kevin has written 5 books. He is a regular presenter at Campus Education Weeks at BYU-Idaho and BYU.

Mark Ogletree has a MS in education and a PhD in family and human development. He taught in the Church Educational System for 21 years, serving as seminary instructor and principal, institute instructor, and the director of the Institute of Religion in Dallas, Texas. He has also presented marriage and family workshops in the private sector, as well as for Education Week at BYU. Presently, Mark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University where he teaches courses on preparing for marriage and living prophets. Additionally, Mark has worked in private practice for over 20 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Mark has also published several articles in the Ensign, in academic journals, and most recently teamed up with other professors at Brigham Young University and contributed to By Divine Design–a book to strengthen marriage and family relationships.


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