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Blog Tour/Review: Parenting Principles by David A. Christensen

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Parenting Principles: 31 Teachings to Raise Children in Righteousness, by David A. Christensen
2015, 128p, LDS Non-Fiction
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Give your children a bright future in today’s dark world. Parent with confidence and love with these inspiring stories, poignant personal experiences, quotes from prophets and apostles, and scriptures to study. This uplifting book includes a full month of daily devotionals you can read together and will help you establish the gospel habits your family needs for a lifetime of happiness.

Last summer, I read Power in Prayer by David Christensen and loved it! I recently took a month and read a chapter each day and felt a deeper understanding of prayer. I also received answers to some prayers that I had been seeking for a while.

I was excited to dig into this book, too! It's the same format as Power in Prayer. There are 31 short chapters which discuss different principles. Each chapter starts with a quote and then the author shares his thoughts and stories about the topic. There is a "Parenting Self-Examination" section at the end, along with "Scriptures for Study" and "A Parting Thought." He also includes a short paragraph (which is the same) at the very end of each chapter that reminds us as parents where we need to turn for help in raising our children. 

There are lots of topics to read about: obedience and discipline, be consistent, love them, teach them about work, foundation of love, balancing what's important, time, influence of grandparents, and joy in the journey, to name a few. 

There's no formula for raising children. I have two and they are both so different. I love to read books that give me tools to become a better parent. This book is full of great advice, quotes, stories and scriptures. I felt like I was given plenty to think about and consider, along with actions to start taking right away.

One of my favorite chapters is Principle 27, Joy in the Journey. He talks about the importance of enjoying and building memories in whatever stage of life you're in. When my children were young, I found myself looking forward to when they would be older. I'm loving the ages where my kids are right now so I feel like I'm doing a better job savoring the moments with them but I know that I can still improve. I love the reminder to enjoy each stage and to reflect on what I can do today to make sure there are no regrets later.

I needed to read this book quickly but I'm looking forward to taking one principle a day for a month to study each topic more and find ways to help my children and become more confident in my parenting. I love the format this author uses and hope there are more of these kinds of books in the future!


David A. Christensen’s  love and enthusiasm for being a missionary was sparked in a missionary preparation class at Ricks College in the late 60s. His love and testimony for the Book of Mormon was ignited in a religion class the following semester. These two classes combined as a new beginning  for what would one day become not only a passion but also the centerpiece of his professional contribution in the Church Education System and at Brigham Young University-Idaho. David has taught Missionary Preparation and Book of Mormon classes for over 30 years. His testimony was shared and transferred to missionaries and members in the Chile Santiago North Mission when he served as president and again in Central America when he served as President of the Guatemala MTC. He counts his eight children as his most important converts and his favorite companion—his best friend and wife Deena Bond Christensen.


Unknown said...

It sounds so awesome! I totally agree about how each child is different. What worked for one of mine has not worked for my middle one or my youngest. It kind of blows my mind how different they are are. It so fun to see them grow and learn. Love it. This sounds super fantastic. Great review :)

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