Friday, November 7, 2014

Hilary Weeks Kickstarter Project: Live Positive App from

I love Hilary Weeks! If you aren't familiar with her music, here's a YouTube video of one of my favorite songs:

She has a website,, which she started a few years ago when she started tracking her positive thoughts. You can read her story about how she got started on her website.

I am a firm believer in positive thinking and have many great experiences as I've practiced this concept over the years. I actually have a clicker but it has been buried in the depths of my purse for a while. My son actually found it yesterday and told me I only had 11 clicks (in my defense, I've reset it a few times). He boasted that he has over 400 clicks on his. When I learned about what Hilary's doing now, I decided I need to get back into tracking my positive thoughts.

I love her new idea! She's launching a new app and has a Kickstarter campaign going. I like this because it would be much easier to track on my phone and my clicker won't get lost in my purse. For more information, check out her Kickstarter campaign here (ends Nov. 18).


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