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Book Review: Hindsight #1: Out of the Blue by Kelly Martin

This novella is the first in a three part series.

Hindsight #1: Out of the Blue, by Kelly Martin
2014, 83p, Mystery, Romance
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received copy from author for an honest review

Start at the beginning...
You want to know how it all began.
How I fell for her? How I started to love...?
You want to know how I met Oliver Weston. How I grew to hate him? Why I did what I did?
You want to know how it all began?
Because every story has a beginning, doesn't it?
Even mine.
Especially mine.
I loved her. I still do.
And I hated him. Still do.
So this is it. The start. My 'in the beginning'.
This is how an average guy from Oklahoma ended up here... talking to you.
It all started innocently enough. I needed a place to live. Jordan needed a roommate.
It hit me out of the blue.
I only wish it had ended differently.
But we will get to that later.
Start at the beginning... are you sure you are ready?

This is a great, quick read! It's only 83 pages, but it kept my attention the entire time. This is told from a male POV. Walker Scott met Jordan Rivers at the university book store when she put up an ad for a roommate and he was looking for somewhere to live. She let him know right off that she had a boyfriend, Oliver Weston, and when he asked her if he would mind if she was living with another guy, she informed him that they wouldn't exactly be "living together." Walker was intrigued so agreed to check the place out. It wasn't quite what he was expecting but was a great deal for him. He promises Mrs. Bainbridge he'll look after Jordan, not realizing how much that promise will change his life.

I loved meeting the sheriff and Jordan's brother, Joshua Rivers, Mrs. Bainbridge, and even Oliver. There's a mystery in this college town and we get hints from Walker that whatever's coming is bad and he wishes he could change the outcome. I have my suspicions but I hope I'm wrong and I'm certainly intrigued enough to keep reading. The second part will be coming out in a few weeks and I'm excited to read it!


I should have followed my gut instincts. We would have all been happier. I know I would have been. I would probably be with her right now. Not talking to you…

No offense. You are great and it’s helping… I’m going to get back to the story now before I put my foot in my mouth some more.

Okay, so I walked up the stairs, well, limped if you want the correct word. Limped because my knee was killing me from all the walking on campus and the God-forsaken stairs.

God-forsaken. Let’s go off on that tangent for a second. See, Sheriff Rivers asked me if I believed in God. If I was a church-going man. And I answered him yes. Yes, I was… actually I said my father was a preacher which basically means the same thing. I went to church. I believed in God. I was saved at a very young age. You need to know all of that before we go on with this story. You need to know that I prayed and I had every faith that everything would turn out okay.

Here’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question… do I believe in God now? Three months later? I guess we’ll have to get to that part, won’t we?

I didn’t have any of these thoughts as I climbed up the stairs. I did, however, remember just as I got to the landing on J’s floor that she had been mad at me. And I wondered, for a split second, if she still was. I didn’t have to wait long.

A shoe.


A red shoe.

A red high heeled shoe.

Flew past my head.

I had to do this really cool Matrix move to keep the stiletto from impaling my eyeball.

Yep. Still mad.

I had a choice. Go up the stairs and sulk or go talk to the girl. Maybe apologize. I wish I could say it was an easy decision. A deadly object had been thrown at my head after all, but I decided I’d take the high road for once in my life and go apologize to her.

Didn’t mean that I went in all confident, though. I have to say, I kept my hands up and sort of shuffled into the room. I mean, I knew enough to know that shoes came in pairs. Only one had zipped by my head. She had another one in there somewhere

Author Bio:

Kelly Martin is the author of epic reads that you, your teen, and your Grandma Fannie can all enjoy together. She has been on several Amazon best seller lists... has won awards... and occasionally sleep (if she can ever get past that one level of Candy Crush... sigh)

She loves God, chocolate, Sleepy Hollow, and useless trivia.

Believes in Sherlock Holmes. (Seriously, a total fan girl!!!)

A list of her books:
Crossing the Deep
Saint Sloan
Big is Beautiful: A Love Story
The Deception of Devin Miller
The Afterlife of Lizzie Monroe
Saving Sloan (Saint Sloan Sequel)
Hindsight: Out of the Blue (Part 1)
Coming in June: Hindsight: The Black Heart (2)
In progress: Betraying Ever After: A Shattered Fairy Tale


sherry fundin said...

I like the play on blue on the cover. Nice excerpt. Hope he remembered to duck. ^_^

Michelle@Book Briefs said...

this sounds really cool. I think I will wait for all of the novellas to be out first before I read them

Great Review!

Michelle @ Book Briefs

Unknown said...

AWESOME review! Cannot wait to read it!!!!

Melanie said...

Haha, Sherry!! You'll have to read it to see. ;)

Thanks, Michelle and Paij. I normally wait, too, so I'm glad the second one will be out soon (and hopefully the third will be soon after that).

Katie W said...

This one looks really good! Great review!

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