Monday, August 26, 2013

Pretty Darn Funny: The Pinterest Plot

Okay, I knew this would be funny just by knowing Pinterest was involved. I actually have not yet joined Pinterest (gasp!), because I already don't have enough time and don't need yet another thing to do. However, I know it's coming soon.

Without further ado, here's Episode 2:

My Thoughts: First of all, glad to see everyone back!! And I didn't recognize Nora, who looks fabulous, by the way (so I had to go back to see if she was, indeed, in the Footloose parody and I just didn't recognize her, but she's not in there).

Oh, my, am I glad my kids are older and I'm older so I don't feel like I have to outdo anyone. My skills are on par with the group, too (there's a reason I blog about books). There are some great one-liners and if I listed my favorites, you would have no reason to watch it yourself. This is another fabulous episode that every woman needs to watch!

The giveaway this week is Six Sisters' Stuff. I haven't heard of them (remember, I'm not on Pinterest) but their book looks fantastic! I have six sisters--there are seven girls in my family--and this looks like a great way these sisters have been able to keep in touch. Here are the details on their book:

Cook, craft, and create with recipes, projects, and ideas from the enormously popular blog Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra are six sisters who share their easy, affordable recipes and crafts in this collection of family favorites. These pages contain more than 90 tried-and-true recipes that use ingredients commonly found in your pantry, with easy-to-follow instructions and photographs of each dish. Charming do-it-yourself projects, such as stained Mason Jars and a Ruffles and Yarn Wreath, are fun to create and require little time or money. Suggestions for indoor activities for kids, healthy snack ideas, or an inexpensive night out are among the many lists included in the book. 

"We don't profess to be amazing chefs," the sisters claim. "We just know the importance of feeding our families a home-cooked meal and sitting down to eat it together. Even the busiest of people can make the food and project ideas we share, which will give you even more time to spend with your family and loved ones." (

About the Author

The Six Sisters—Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra—grew up in Utah, but a few of them have lived all over the country since moving out of the house. Between them there are five nieces and two nephews, and all of the sisters love playing “aunt.” The sisters started the blog in February 2011 to keep in touch while they were apart, but it has since gained popularity, garnering more than 6 million viewers per month and more than 160,000 followers on Pinterest.


One Paperback copy of Six Sisters' Stuff
Ends 9/1/13

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Sanz said...

This book looks fabulous! I have a pinterest account but I never scroll pins. I probably pin one or two things a month. :) It's not my thing.

Melanie said...

Obviously, it's not mine either and I'll probably use it like you do. This book does look fabulous--and these girls seem amazing!

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