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Working It Out
A chance encounter . . . 
Grace Warren’s life is safe and predictable—exactly the way she likes it. But when she gets roped into going to an auction to help out a friend, everything changes. She meets Seth Tuttle—a guy who unexpectedly kisses her then disappears, leaving her flustered and upset. If she never sees him again, it will be too soon.

A chance for love . . . 
Weeks later, when Seth limps into Grace’s rehab clinic post surgery, she immediately recognizes him. Unfortunately, he’s every bit as frustrating and annoying as she remembered. Yet there’s something about him that makes her second-guess her carefully placed boundaries even though he’s everything she’s sure she doesn’t want in a man. But maybe Seth is exactly what Grace has needed all along—assuming she’s willing to risk safe and predictable for a chance at love.

What a fun, quick read!! I love Rachael Anderson's books so I'm glad to say that this one doesn't disappoint! Grace and Seth had an interesting first meeting which ended with her storming off and him shrugging it off. Grace was at a bachelor auction to bid on her co-worker, Cameron, since his fiance couldn't make it. Seth showed up and bid a large amount of money on him to help his friend, Lanna. Her charity was holding the fundraiser and she refused to allow him to help her financially so he figured this was a way she couldn't turn down his money. Grace was upset with him for outbidding her and she questioned why he would be there bidding on a bachelor so he kissed her to prove he wasn't gay.

Seth is into extreme sports and gets hurt a couple of weeks later and ends up with Grace as his physical therapist. You can read the excerpt from their next meeting below. Needless to say, Grace is not thrilled with him being her patient. Seth is persistent when he sees something he likes and he decides he likes Grace!

Their relationship was fun to read and made me laugh a lot. Seth is pretty laid back and helps to loosen Grace up. He's wealthy and likes to play hard. She's more serious and part of that has to do with her brother. She feels some guilt for something that happened with him years ago and she has to learn to accept the situation and how to handle her brother. Seth helps her with that. He's good for her but she has some major concerns with the choices he makes with his extreme sports addiction. I could relate to how Grace felt and, in her position, think I would have felt the same way. They do a good job of balancing each other out--he brings out the playful side of her and she brings out the serious side of him. I wasn't sure how or even if they would be able to work through the issues that came up. This is a fun book with a serious side as well and I highly recommend it!

My Rating=4.5 stars


Seth flipped through a magazine, completely oblivious to the fact that he was about to get reacquainted with the woman he’d outbid and kissed.
Grace suddenly wanted to duck back through the door and tell her receptionist that Seth Tuttle would have to reschedule with a different therapist in a different office, and—if possible—a different state. Grace didn’t want to be anywhere near the aftermath of the chaos he was bound to cause.
As if sensing her presence, Seth lifted his head and met her gaze with striking blue eyes. She stiffened, waiting for the recognition to come.
“Are you Grace?” he said, all innocence, as though he’d never seen her before.
Grace blinked as realization struck. He didn’t recognize her. She should be thrilled by that knowledge—elated, even. Not only did it give her the opportunity for a fresh start, but it gave her the upper hand, in a way. Yet her annoyance won out. All this time, she’d stewed about that night, relived it over and over in her mind, trying to figure out where she went wrong and how she could have handled things differently. While Seth, on the other hand, had apparently forgotten all about her the moment she’d walked away.
She forced her feet forward and lifted her chin. “I take it you’re Seth Tuttle?”
“I am.” He grabbed the crutches at his side and hoisted himself up easily. Shooting the receptionist a look, he said, “Hey, my friend’s parking the car right now. When he comes in, would you mind telling him I’ve already gone in?”
“Of course. I can send him back if you’d like.”
“No, I’m sure he’d rather wait here.” Seth turned his attention to Grace and smiled. “So, you’re Grace Warren. Dr. Ross tells me you’re the best PT in the Seattle area, which I’m hoping is true. I want my knee back as soon as possible and need a PT who can bring it.”
Whether it was because he didn’t recognize her, or because he questioned her professional skills, Grace bristled. “Dr. Ross is wrong.”
Seth raised his eyebrows in question.
“I’m the best physical therapist anywhere, including Seattle.” With that, she turned on her heel and walked back through the self-closing door, not bothering to hold it open for him like she usually did for patients with crutches or wheelchairs. When the sounds of Seth struggling to get through the door reached her ears, a smile tugged at the corner of Grace’s mouth. He did say to bring it.

Author Rachael Renee Anderson

Rachael Anderson is the author of five novels (Working It Out, The Reluctant Bachelorette, Minor Adjustments, Luck of the Draw, and Divinely Designed) and two novellas (Twist of Fate, from the All I Want anthology and The Meltdown Match from The Timeless Romance Anthology: Summer Wedding Collection). She’s the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

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Great review, Melanie. I just finished reading this one, and I really enjoyed it as well. Now I'd like to go back and read some of her other books.

Melanie said...

Luck of the Draw is cute but I really loved her last one, The Reluctant Bachelorette. I don't think you'll be disappointed with whatever you choose to read.

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