Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Why

I've decided to start a blog for my book reviews. Actually, I feel that I currently don't review books very well. I usually just give them stars on Goodreads and don't indicate why I like a book or why I don't. I guess I've been lazy that way. I decided to start a blog because that will force me to dig a little deeper and explain why I like particular books (or why I don't). I guess I feel the need to give you fair warning to not expect too much out of these first reviews and my plan is to get better at it as I go. 

I joined a book club three years ago to help me read books I wouldn't normally read. And it worked. When I'm at book club, I say a lot but I still don't type it out later. I'm sure I'll go back and write reviews for some of those books because we've read some good ones. 

I don't read a book a day or anything but I try to read between 5-8 every month. I read with my kids so I'll include some of those books as well. I also listen to books so I can accomplish other things, like cooking and cleaning (yes, those pesky jobs that get in the way of reading). 

I used to feel that printed books were the only way to go. Then, about a year ago, I downloaded the Kindle app to my smartphone and realized that I like ebooks, too. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and absolutely love it! So, those are my formats for reading: printed books, ebooks and audiobooks. I love each of them for different reasons. Well, here we go!


Jinky said...

Honestly Mel, "live" book clubs intimidate me. "virtual" book clubs I can handle because I can retype something ...hehehe.

Welcome to the book blogging community! It's huge!!! --You're going to do great because you have the passion for good books and that'll show.

Love the template! I wanted a very similar one a long time ago but it was for wordpress and I wasn't tech savvy and confident enough at the time to figure out how to plug it in. :)

Melanie said...

My "live" book club was intimidating at first but over time, it's gotten easier to speak my mind.

Thanks for the welcome! I'm grateful for your help and hope I don't bug you too much.

I love this template, too! I feel like I'm taking notes in my notebook so I feel comfortable typing. I think it said it was adapted from Wordpress so it probably is the same one you looked at earlier.

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