Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giveaway: Benotripia

I love to go to Costco! I usually avoid it on Saturday afternoons but because of our schedule last week, that was the only chance we had to go. As we approached the book section, I noticed a big poster for a book signing. I decided I was going to avoid it because I find that when I talk to an author, I end up buying their book whether I'm interested in reading it or not. I know authors pour their hearts and souls into books and I don't have the heart to tell some of them that their book just doesn't interest me. 

I saw a man who I assumed was the author so I figured I just had to avoid him. However, as I got closer, I noticed a young girl at the table signing books. I picked one up and turned to look for my husband and 8-year-old daughter. They were talking to the man I had seen earlier and he was handing my daughter a bookmark. They soon joined me and the author, McKenzie Wagner, asked my daughter if she wanted to know what the book was about. My daughter nodded to her with wide eyes and was fascinated. I got a signed copy for my daughter and picked up an extra signed copy to give away. 

McKenzie Wagner is now 12 but was 11 when she wrote this book. The man that was around her was her father and her mother was sitting beside her getting email addresses and making sure everyone was taken care of. I talked to her father for a few minutes. She started reading at the age of 4 and started writing when she was 7. This is a three book series. She wrote this first book in a month and the second one, which will come out in September, in a week and a half. 

My daughter has been wanting to write a book since she was 5 or 6 and she has started a few but hasn't finished one yet. Meeting McKenzie motivated her to get going again and she came home Saturday night and started back up. What was even more amazing to me, though, was my 11-year-old son, who thinks that reading is a chore, said, "Well, I better start writing my book." I did a double take and asked him if he was now interested in writing something and he said yes! I asked him if seeing McKenzie motivated him and he said that it had. Has the enthusiasm worn off some by now? Yes, but he is still interested in writing something and I never thought that would happen!

Now for the book. From the back cover: Two islands stand amid swirling seas of mist and oceans that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Eleven-year-old Roseabelle lives on the tropical island of Benotripia with her mother, Danette, the island's leader. When Danette suddenly disappears, Roseabelle, with her friends Astro and Jessicana, embark on a perilous journey to the evil neighboring island of Darvonia to save her mother and if possible, Benotripia.

This wildly imaginative tale will transport you to a fantastical kingdom that will have you discovering more adventure and intrigue with every page.   

I was hoping to have read this by now so that I could give my review on it as well but I haven't yet had the chance. I have started, though, and have to say that I find it impressive for an 11-year-old to have written. My daughter is almost finished with it and loves it!

Oh, the other really cool part: Standing in the checkout line at Costco and seeing lots of kids already starting to read her book!
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Jinky said...

I've yet to run into a book signing at Costco! Is it a Utah thing? Anyway, how fabulous that your kids were inspired.

Thanks for the generous giveaway. Sounds like my kiddos would like this book.

Melanie said...

Haha, I guess book signings at Costco are just a Utah thing because they are quite common. There are lots of authors here so maybe that's why. Apparently I need to stop taking them for granted. Thanks for entering!

Unknown said...

That is so super cool! I'm definitely going to have to read the book even if I don't win your giveaway. :) I wonder if the girl would come talk to my class or something... hmmm...

Melanie said...

It seems like there's a good chance you can get that to happen, Alayne. The bookmark gives her contact info and says "To get to know the author, schedule her to speak to your group, or for purchase information, visit her at:
Email her at:
Facebook website:"

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