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Blog Tour/Excerpt: The Battle is O'er by Laura Vosika

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The Battle is O'er

(The Blue Bells Chronicles #5)

By Laura Vosika

Historical Time Travel, Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 470 pages

March 23rd 2018 by Gabriel's Horn Press

In the gripping conclusion to The Blue Bells Chronicles, just as Shawn is steadily regaining all he feared he had lost forever—his career, his son, and even Amy’s heart—he learns of MacDougall’s vengeance against Niall, for the act Shawn himself committed. He wrestles with a prophecy and an ancient letter that never changes, a letter that details the fate of his own son, if he cannot stop it—and possibly the fate of the world itself, as he learns of Simon Beaumont’s plan to use his knowledge of the future to destroy it.

Shawn’s selfishness once cost him everything. His newfound selflessness may do the same.


Beatrice and Simon
Northumbria, England, 1318

Beatrice’s head shot up as the door burst open, yanking back from her husband’s embrace.
“Sir Kenrick....” The guard, Erol, stumbled to his knees, shoved by a man in chain mail.
“Lord Claverock!” Kenrick jumped forward, reaching to help his man up off the floor as he said, “Why did you not send word you were coming? I’d have met you in the hall.”
Beatrice backed up, gripping her shift close as she studied her cousin. She’d not seen him in years, not since he’d been a vile boy, dropping spiders in her hair. The malice in his eyes had not changed.
“I’ve no interest in formalities,” Claverock snapped. He glanced at Beatrice, and stopped, a smile curving his lips. “Ah, fair cousin. How good to see you again. You’re charming in the morning.”
“What do you want, Simon?” Her hands clutched the neck of her night shift tighter, feeling his eyes rake over her.
At the same time, her husband said, “Are you staying? I’ll order dinner and a hunt.”
“I have my own hunt.” Simon’s eyes flickered over Beatrice and back to Kenrick. “I want two score of your men, ready to ride within the hour.”
Kenrick’s eyebrows drew down. “For what purpose?”
“Does it matter?” Simon said. “You owe me fealty. I’m claiming your men.”
“It matters a great deal,” Kenrick replied. “I believe you’ve gotten yourself on the wrong side of Edward, and I’ll not have my men take part in any traitorous uprising against my king.”
Simon spat. “He won’t be your king much longer. You’ll do well to support me.”
“Meet me in the hall,” Kenrick replied. “Give me a moment to at least pull on my breeks.”
He turned, heading toward Beatrice and their bed chamber.
“Now!” Simon demanded. “I have a hard day’s ride. Send your man to tell them to get ready.”
Beatrice saw the anger cross her husband’s face. “Do it,” she whispered. “Play along, at least.”
He gave his head a sharp shake and turned. “You have disrespected my wife. I will get dressed, and we’ll discuss this in the hall. Erol, take him....”
Simon launched himself across the room, Erol scrambling on his heels. Beatrice screamed, throwing herself between them, as Kenrick shoved her back. Simon’s blade sank into his stomach, twisted, and jarred upward. “No!” Beatrice screamed.
Kenrick drew several sharp breaths, doubling over her cousin’s fist, his eyes wide as he gripped Simon’s hand with the knife.
“No!” She sank to her knees, clutching Kenrick’s hand, reaching for his face. “No!” She turned anguished eyes on Simon, as her husband’s knees buckled, and he sagged against her, gasping for air.
“Now.” Simon gripped her jaw in his blood-stained hand. Kenrick collapsed on the floor, gasping. Simon’s eyes bored into hers. “Send Erol to do my bidding. You will want to know that your son is even now with my men. A bonny lad, is he not?”
She nodded, numb but for her pounding heart, and turned her head to meet Erol’s eyes. She gave a brief, slow nod, trusting he had the wits to know what she wanted from him.
Erol turned, running through the door, shouting.
Simon’s hand fell away, leaving her jaw sore, and stained with her husband’s blood. “Your son will accompany me.” He stooped, yanking the knife from Kenrick’s body and stalked out.
She sagged over Kenrick. “Don’t die,” she said fiercely. She pressed her night shift to the wound, where blood stained his shirt.
“Stop him,” Kenrick whispered. “Do” He drew a long, painful breath, and sagged in her arms. She laid him down gently, before lifting her shift and racing from the room. If she could but get a word with her son....

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About the Author

Laura Vosika is the author of the beloved series, The Blue Bells Chronicles, a tale of time travel, action and adventure, romance and redemption, ranging across modern and medieval Scotland. She runs Gabriel’s Horn Press, and is active in poetry as a member of the League of Minnesota Poets, routinely performing at local open mics. She has appeared in The Star Tribune, and on WCCO and Channel 12, and hosted Books and Brews with Laura Vosika on AM 950.

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