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Blog Tour/Guest Post: The Charm Offensive by Cari Lynn Webb

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The Charm Offensive

by Cari Lynn Webb

Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages

July 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Winning her over means winning everything

Sophie Callahan is PI Brad Harrington’s best lead to tracking down the man he’s been hired to bring to justice: Sophie’s own thieving father. But when Brad arrives at The Pampered Pooch, just behind a litter of stray kittens, the pet-store owner is the big surprise. This scrappy, huge-hearted woman with charm to spare gets to Brad in a way no one has ever been able to before. She spends her life finding—and making—homes for others: abandoned pets, her young niece. He’ll have to tell her why he’s really here. Which means he’ll have to choose between his sail-away dreams and the chance to build a forever home—with her.

Guest Post
The Charm Factor (Or: Can we learn charm or do we have to win the charm-DNA lottery?) By Cari Lynn Webb

The definition of charming according to Merriam-Webster is “extremely pleasing or delightful.” I’ve been around people I’d describe as charming and they’ve been more than simply delightful. They usually seem to have some intangible quality that is hard to describe, but so very compelling. You want to be around charming people perhaps because they make you feel like instant friends. Charming people make everyone feel better for being around them.

I believe charm can be learned. It isn’t something only entwined in select individuals’ DNA. While charm might come more naturally to some personality types, we can all take steps to discover our inner charm and let it out.

Here are a few of my favorite things I’ve noticed about the people who’ve charmed me:

1. Charming people always maintain eye contact in a conversation. They’re active listeners, who take it a step further by asking questions or giving responses that prove they’re really paying attention. It’s easy with all that’s going on in our lives to only give someone just a sliver of our attention (I’m guilty of this with my own kids). But it’s important to remember to stop and take time to make those around us feel appreciated and valued because they are. My daughters like to share their exciting stories about their day as soon as they see me. However, if I’m distracted with work, I pause and tell them how much I really want to give them all of my attention. Then I ask if they can give me five minutes to finish what I’m doing so I can concentrate on them. I’ve discovered they’re more animated in the telling and I’m more invested when we each have the other’s full attention.

2. My husband and older brothers have never been afraid to own their mistakes. Further, they have an innate ability to laugh at themselves and a willingness to share their mishaps with family, friends and strangers alike. Perfection can be hard to match and intimidating in any situation. However, we’ve all made mistakes and that’s something we can relate to. Being authentic matters, even if it means admitting to a few faults or two.

3. My father treats everyone the same way regardless of their title or job description. During my summer vacation in college, I worked as a receptionist at my father’s business. Not only did my dad know the first name of every employee from the night cleaning crew to upper management, he also knew their spouses’ names and children’s names and their favorite pets. He always took the time to ask about his employees and their families. My dad is retired now, but he hasn’t changed in his willingness to talk to anyone, listen and help others whenever he can.

4. Manners matter. This is something I’ve been trying to instill in my daughters. Please and thank you go a long way. As do sincere and genuine compliments.

So let me know what you find charming in your friends and family?

Happy Reading!
Cari Lynn Webb

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About the Author

Cari Lynn Webb lives in South Carolina with her husband, daughters and assorted four-legged family members. She's been blessed to see the power of true love in her grandparent's 70 year marriage and her parent's marriage of over 50 years. She knows love isn't always sweet and perfect, it can be challenging, complicated and risky. But she believes happily-ever-afters are worth fighting for. She loves to connect with readers. Visit her at her website.
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