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Blog Tour/Review: Midnight Sisters by Sarah E. Boucher

Welcome to the Midnight Sisters' Blog Tour and Giveaway! Learn all about author Sarah E. Boucher and her exciting new novel based on the classic fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Midnight Sisters, by Sarah E. Boucher
2016, 188p, Fairytale Retelling
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author, which did not affect my review in any way

Do not meddle with the Master's daughters.

The words rattle around Jonas’ head. What is the punishment again? Death? Dismemberment? Jonas, the newest addition to the gardening staff, can’t recall the exact penalty for breaking the rule. What does it matter anyway? He would never dream of meddling with the Earl of Bromhurst’s haughty daughters.

Until he comes face to face with Lady Ariela Spencer, the eldest of the His Lordship’s daughters.

Her elusive smile and open manner cause him to question his convictions. In no time, he’s drawn into Lady Ariela's world of mystery and intrigue, a world where she and her sisters will do anything—including leaving twelve empty beds at midnight—to escape their father’s strict rules.

Only Jonas can uncover the truth and save them from their father’s wrath and their own folly, if he is willing to risk everything he’s ever worked for. 

Midnight Sisters is an imaginative fairy tale retelling that promises to delight and entertain readers. Midnight Sisters is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

I love fairytale retellings so was excited to read this author's take on The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Jonas is 18 when he becomes a groundskeeper and is well aware of the cardinal rule: No meddling with the master's daughters. He quickly forgets that rule when he comes face to face with Ariela, the eldest daughter. She's very different than what he's been told and they quickly become friends. Twelve years later, Jonas is one of the assistants to the Head Gardener and we learn more about his relationship with Ariela. One night, the girls go missing, and once they are found, their father, Lord Bromhurst, decides its time to get serious about finding husbands for them. The girls are determined to keep that from happening.

I loved this book! There were a lot of similarities to the original fairytale but the author did a great job making it her own. The story is told from Jonas's point of view. He likes to work by himself but a new groundskeeper, Braden, starts to show up everywhere, which annoys him. I enjoyed how their relationship developed. I also enjoyed his interactions with Ariela and each of the sisters, who were also fun to get to know. I was so curious about where they went at nights and what their secrets were.

I enjoyed the pacing and twists on the original story. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down until I was finished. I hope Ms. Boucher keeps these fairytale retellings coming because I'm looking forward to reading more!

Guest Post:
Specialized Character Sketch

Meet Brisella:
The carriage drew up the drive, pulling to a stop in front of the entryway. My father’s chest puffed out the way it always did whenever someone of higher rank appeared. I had seen it before. The “parade of noblemen” as Ari referred to it, had begun in my teenage years. It had been exciting and wonderful to meet gentlemen who’d come with the express purpose of wooing. It took far too long to realize that they hadn’t come to woo me. They wooed my father and the dowry attached to my name.

Today would be no different.

The elderly gentlemen stepped out first, a broad smile spanning his round face. At least he seemed friendly.

Father’s voice boomed with pride. “Ladies, the Earl of Gillingham. Lord Gillingham, I present my daughters.”

His voice droned on. My attention snagged on the carriage as the next occupant stepped down. My breath hitched in my throat. Fine clothes hung on an even finer frame. Dark hair. Dark eyes. What was it about deep brown eyes that stripped me down to nothing? I shook my head to dispel the warmth wrapping fingers around my heart.

“And this is my son, Lord Richard Comstock.” The Earl’s eyes crinkled with warmth. His son smiled, the same crinkles ringing his eyes and warming his expression.

My heart thudded in response. But between Ariela, who overflowed with mystery and intellect, and Canela who overflowed with passion and charm, what hope did I have? He would never look at me.

Before I was ready, his hand closed over mine. A zing ran up my arm as he pressed a kiss to my hand. A tiny gasp slipped from my lips. Those brown eyes, reflecting the same surprise I felt, flicked up to my face. For two heartbeats we shared a look.

“A pleasure to meet you, Lady Brisella.” A crooked smile twisted his mouth.

My father hustled him along. Lord Richard watched me from the corner of his eye as he bent over the hand of my sister Canela.

“Are you all right?” Ariela whispered.

I watched Lord Richard’s progress down the line of my sisters. “I hardly know.”

“What happened?”

I shook my head slowly. How could I explain what I didn’t understand?

She squeezed my arm until I looked at her. Her eyes brimmed with excitement. “It’s happened, hasn’t it?”

My gaze was drawn back to Lord Richard, who had nearly reached Frizella by that point. He still watched me from the corner of his eye. The word came out on a whisper. “Yes.”

Author Spotlight:

Sarah E. Boucher is a lover of fairy stories, romance, anything BBC and Marvel, and really, really cute shoes. On weekdays she wears respectable shoes and serves as Miss Boucher, the Queen of Kindergarten. On school holidays she writes stories about romance and adventure. And wears impractical super cute shoes.

Sarah is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She lives and works in northern Utah. Midnight Sisters is her second novel. Visit Sarah at or connect with her on Twitter, FacebookInstagramPinterest, Amazon, or Goodreads.

Also by Sarah E Boucher:

Becoming Beauty, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, available on AmazonBarnes & Noblebooks & thingsiTunes, and Goodreads

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