Monday, October 17, 2016

Blog Tour/Review: The Unsaid by Aaron Blaylock

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The Unsaid, by Aaron Blaylock
2016, 208p, Contemporary Romance
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not affect my review in any way

Maggie’s job as a heavenly curator of unspoken thoughts is pretty straightforward—for the most part. When Eric, her beholden, shows interest in the new girl at work, Maggie can’t help ignoring the rules to understand the wonders of mortality and love. But meddling in mortal affairs has consequences that Maggie couldn’t have ever imagined.

This was a unique love story. Maggie lives in heaven, watching and recording Eric's thoughts. He's struggling and seems to come alive when he meets the new girl at work, Lindsey. There comes a point when Maggie realizes she needs to interfere, but there are consequences in doing that. 

It was interesting to read Eric's thoughts but it was also distracting at times. It did take me longer than normal to read this because I could only seem to take reading his thoughts in small doses. There were times when he'd say one thing and think something completely different. Which, of course, got me thinking about my own thoughts and behavior. And the things that go unsaid which might make a difference in someone else's life.

It picked up towards the end and got to the point where I couldn't put it down. Especially as we got the backstory for Eric and Lindsey. They were easy to root for. I enjoyed the author's humor and his references to a show I've recently started watching (I know, I know--I'm not sure why I didn't watch it years ago). I haven't read a book like this before and wasn't sure how it would end. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed the ending! If you're looking for a unique love story, give this one a chance!

Aaron Blaylock

Author of “The Land of Look Behind.” Born and raised in Arizona, Aaron is proud to call the desert home. He came of age in the suburbs of Sacramento, California, and as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Jamaica, where he fell in love with the people and their culture, but he has always been drawn back to the Valley of the Sun. Aaron worked as a freelance sports reporter for The Arizona Republic for nearly 10 years, combining his love of writing and sports. When not working, writing, or serving at church, Aaron volunteers as a soccer and baseball coach for his children and enjoys chasing a small white ball around a golf course.


Unknown said...

Great review!

Bob and Linda Blaylock said...

After reading The Unsaid I will be far more aware of my random thoughts and how they can and do affect my actions. The Unsaid is heartwarming while reminding us that life isn't always easy. And that others may be suffering far more that we can imagine. I just hope that my Curator is as caring and forgiving as Maggie.

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