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Blog Tour/Review: Casters of Doovik by McKenzie Wagner

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Casters of Doovik, by McKenzie Wagner
2015, 304p, Middle-grade Fantasy
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

All her life, Meg has lived within Doovik’s walls—walls meant to keep the dangerous creatures outside from coming in. But when a curse drives her from Doovik, Meg and her friends must battle mythical monsters and follow clues to break the spell and get home. From the author of the Benotripia series, this thrilling fantasy will have your heart racing!

I met McKenzie at a Costco signing for Benotripia a few years ago and was impressed with her. She's young and, since my daughter wants to be an author, too, she looks forward to reading her work. We were both excited to see that she was coming out with a new book.

During an important ceremony, a curse hit Doovik which turned everything to lava. Five children survived: Meg, Peter, Tessa, Eric and Dylan. The barrier came down which separated them from the outside world so they entered the unknown. They found themselves in a world they knew nothing about and needed to figure out what was happening and who to trust. They quickly learn that they have a short window of time in which to save their homes and families.

I enjoyed the imagination of the author as she described the adventures the characters had. There were times that I got a little lost as the story jumped around quite a bit. The POV alternated between each of the five main characters so it took me a while to keep them straight. It takes them a while to gel but they learn to work together to fight their common enemy, once they determine who that is. They learn a lot about themselves and the others along the way and life-changing facts are revealed to them.

I have to say that I wouldn't have guessed this book was written by a 14-year-old if I didn't already know it. I was impressed with a lot of what she did. Sure, there are things that could have made the story flow better, but it was still enjoyable. I'm looking forward to reading more of her work in the future and the growth that will come over time. This is a fun, action-packed adventure that kids (and adults) will enjoy!

About the author:

McKenzie Wagner is 14 years old and already has four published books under her belt. An ambitious girl who began writing at the age of seven, McKenzie is best known for “The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket,” published at age 10, and the Benotripia trilogy, the last book being released when she was 13. Inspiring thousands of kids to follow their dreams, McKenzie has visited several elementary schools across the state of Utah and done numerous book signings in Costco, Barnes & Noble, and Hasting stores. When she isn’t writing, McKenzie spends her time reading, acting, singing, hoping Peter Pan will take her to Neverland, and adding to her collection/army of stuffed animals.


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