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Blog Tour/Review: Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls by George Anthon Kibbie

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Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls, by George Anthon Kibbie
2015, 192p, Middle-Grade Fantasy
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

When Bilwok discovers the ancient record of his people, it changes everything he’s ever known about himself, his fellow trolls, and the world beyond his hidden home. Now he has to decide where his loyalties lie and how far he’ll go to find the truth. Discover the intriguing world of trolls in this fascinating fantasy that’s filled with twists and surprises!

This book is set in the future in a place called Tennevollen, when trolls and man are at odds with each other. Bilwok, aka Billy, is 14 years old and runs with a rough crowd. It doesn't take long for him to completely change his ways and become a model child and student. His best friend, Wardoll, is not happy about that at all. There's underlying tension between the two of them for the majority of the book and Wardoll is bent on getting revenge.

Bilwok and Wardoll are very different from each other. When Bilwok is away from Wardoll, he sees things in a different light. Wardoll is a character that, even though he's unlikable, there are things that happen that made me feel somewhat sympathetic towards him. However, he does still make some poor choices. Bilwok becomes friends with a Troll girl, Grinella. They grow close and are loyal and supportive of each other, which just adds to Wardoll's anger.

I don't read about trolls very often and had fun reading something different. The characters  are lovable, unlikable, or questionable. There were a few that I wasn't sure about for a while, but their intentions were spelled out by the end so I don't feel like there's any remaining mystery about them. That part didn't necessarily appeal to me but I know when my daughter reads it, she will like that. 

I thought this was a great start to a fun series!  There are surprises and twists that keep the story moving at a fast pace. It will hold the attention of young readers and keep them coming back for more. The ending isn't resolved and, while not necessarily a cliffhanger, it left me wanting more. I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes next!

George Anthon Kibbie is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Known to friends and family as “Tony,” he grew up watching science fiction movies and reading voraciously, often staying up all night reading an entire novel. After each movie or book, he would dream about how to make it better. Eventually he stopped dreaming and began to write.  Current published novels include “Justice,” “Strength of Blood” and “Dawn of Creation.” Other work include being a columnist for Professional Safety, the trade journal for the American Society of Safety Engineers and a technical writer for the construction industry. He lives with his eternal companion Charlotte in Layton, Utah.


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