Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Review: Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg

Candy and the Cankersaur, by Jason Sandberg
2012, 32p, Children's Picture Book
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the author for an honest review

This is the sweet and funny tale of a young girl named Candy and her Cankersaurus Rex! Candy receives a dinosaur as a gift and is determined to train him to be a good pet. This playful homage to Syd Hoff will make all dinosaur-crazy boys and girls happy!

This is a short, fun read about a young girl, Candy, with a wealthy father who wants her to have an amazing, spectacular and fantastic pet for companionship so he buys her a Cankersaurus Rex. Candy is determined to train him to be a good pet. Her neighbor, Chucky, likes to get her attention by competing with her and actually getting larger and cooler versions of the same toy. When he can't have a dinosaur, too, he hatches a plan to make sure Candy doesn't have one, either. 

This was fun for me to read because I loved Syd Hoff's books when I was young (Danny and the Dinosaur) and this book reminded me of those with an updated look and feel that children today will enjoy. The pictures are fun and colorful! As a bedtime picture book, it's geared towards children ages 3-6 and as a read-alone, it's appropriate for children ages 6-9. This is a book I would have loved to read to my children when they were young and I'm sure it would have been a favorite. There are also issues that can be discussed with children, including friendship, jealousy and determination. A fun book for children that adults will enjoy reading as well!!

“I’m a Fine Artist who also wants to produce the ‘missing books’ from my childhood, the books I wished I’d had.”

Jason Sandberg, born in Minneapolis in 1971, acquired a love of drawing after discovering the artwork of Jacob Kurtzberg. His paintings have been exhibited in Minneapolis and Manhattan. Art Historian Scott McCloud classified his work as “uncategorizable.”


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