Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: Impetus by Scott M. Sullivan

Impetus, by Scott M. Sullivan
2014, 350p, Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
My Rating=4 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the author for an honest review


When the world first heard about the meteorites, it was already too late.

Ten arduous years later, Mick and his small group of eight had adapted to the new way of things. With no clean running water, power, or forms of communication, the Earth went backward, taking with it almost everything they held dear. Survivors like Mick were forced to do the best they could with what they had. Because in the post-Impact world, alternatives were a luxury that no one could afford.

Now a deadly virus threatens those who were unfortunate enough to survive.

With the clock ticking down on their lives, Mick will navigate the deceitful webs spun by those that oppose his drive for salvation. And along his quest to prevent another catastrophe, Mick will rediscover what it truly means to be human.
Impetus does away with the genre's tendency to dwell solely on the catastrophe, to instead examine the very-real human experience and condition behind a world-changing disaster. 

This book was intense! A meteor (which has been named Colossus) has fallen and caused a great deal of destruction. We start out learning about three different groups of people that don't seem to have much in common. There's a group of scientists that live in The Facility, an underground bunker. They're looking for an immunity strand for a virus that has broken out and are reaching out to the survivors to see if a cure can be found. 

Then there's Mick, who's living in a fallout shelter with his two children and five other people. Not many people knew of its existence, so they had food, water and shelter. However, Mick is tired of eating the same canned food for so many years, so he goes out to scout for new food.

Last, we meet Solomon, Clyde and King. King is the leader of this group and is harsh and mean. Clyde is his son and they treat Solomon poorly. Solomon is considered by some to be slow so he appears to be an easy target for King and Clyde. We also learn that there's someone Solomon wants to protect which is the reason he stays with them. Solomon defies them the best he can, even though they are abusive to him at times because of it. Mick meets Solomon when he goes out one day and little does he know what a huge impact that will have on his life and the group he is so desperately trying to protect.

This is a character-driven novel. The apocalyptic event happened ten years ago so we learn about some people that didn't make it and the new life for those who are still around. There is suspicion and fear yet there is also courage and bravery.

I wasn't sure where the scientists would fit in and as we learned more about them, I was glad that Sid was brave enough to do what he felt needed to be done. Mick was the leader and protector for his group and was also willing to do whatever he needed for them to survive. King was scary and abusive and downright evil. I cringed whenever I read about him and his son Clyde was pretty bad, too.

There were great characters and I felt that they could be real people. I enjoyed reading about all of them, even King and Clyde. In an event like this, I can imagine that society could really become that way. This felt heavy to me at times and I would need to put it down to take a breather. I really wasn't sure the direction this would take in the end. I liked how the three storylines were pulled together and found the ending to be satisfying!

Content: Mild swearing, violence

About the author:
Scott Sullivan currently works as a VP of IT. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two amazing children. His passion is writing; he finds it both therapeutic and invigorating.


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