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Blog Tour/Review: The Cinderella Theorem by Kristee Ravan

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The Cinderella Theorem (The Lily Sparrow Chronicles)The Cinderella Theorem
(The Lily Sparrow Chronicles #1)
by Kristee Ravan

YA Urban Fantasy

Paperback, 367 pages

March 17th 2014

Fairy tales are naturally non-mathematical. That is a fact, and fifteen-year-old Lily Sparrow loves factual, mathematical logic. So when her mother confesses that Lily’s deceased father is (a) not dead, (b) coming to dinner, and (c) the ruler of a fairy tale kingdom accessible through the upstairs bathtub, Lily clings to her math to help her make sense of this new double life (1 life in the real world + 1 secret life in the fairy tale world = a double life).

Even though it’s not mathematical, Lily finds herself being pulled into a mystery involving an unhappy Cinderella, a greasy sycophant called Levi, and a slew of vanishing fairy tale characters. Racing against the clock, with a sound mathematical plan, Lily attempts to save her fairy tale friends while proving that normality = happiness.

I love how original this story was! Lily Sparrow is 15 years old and absolutely loves math. Her life is turned upside down when her mother reveals some things that are not compatible with her orderly, mathematical life. She's never bothered to learn about fairy tales and now her life is full of them so she needs to learn them quickly. She tries hard to be rational and logical and return things to "normal." She thinks she has things figured out but makes a bigger mess of things and needs to fix it.

I liked Lily. She experienced a lot of growth as she went from a girl that didn't believe in the nonsense of fairy tales to a girl that wanted to fix her mistakes and show that she truly cared about others. There were parts that you expect to find in a book about fairytales and then there was so much more added to it which kept my attention. I also love that I laughed out loud. A lot. 

There are some great characters that Lily works with and I loved getting to know them all. She feels frustration at first and like she's letting people down and her parents encourage her to embrace the role she was born to fill. I liked the villains, too, and learning more about them and how they became villains. I also like that they aren't too scary and look forward to seeing where they go from here.

I'm someone that tolerates math so was interested to see how the author would incorporate math into her story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more! I felt that I learned more about both fairytales and math while reading it so I feel smarter now than I was before I started. The ending was great and left me wanting more, so I was glad to get a sneak peek into the next book, Calculating Christmas (which is hopefully coming soon). If you or someone you know loves math, this book is a no brainer! If you don't enjoy math, you will still find plenty about it to love, so give it a chance!!

My Rating=5 Stars

*I received a copy from the tour host for review. My opinion is 100% my own.*

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Kristee Ravan
Kristee Ravan lives in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter, and pet fish, Val (short for Valentine). She wanted to be many things as she grew up including a general, an artist, and an architect. But she never bothered to say, "I want to be a writer when I grow up." She was always writing stories and thought of herself as a writer anyway. She sent her first story to a publisher in the sixth grade. (It was rejected - in a nice way.) When she is not making up stories in her head, she enjoys reading, juggling, green smoothies, playing dollhouse with her daughter, and hearing from her fans. You can contact Kristee at the facebook page for her Lily Sparrow books: The Lily Sparrow Chronicles.

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