Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Launch: What Tomorrow May Bring Boxed Set

I absolutely LOVE dystopia and was so excited when I heard about this. I've only read two of these (daynight and Stitch) but they all look fantastic and you can't beat the price!

Tomorrow becomes today.
What will it bring?

Our potential for good is matched by that of destruction. At any moment, change can fall on the world, people fight and die, and our comfortable lives can be lost to corrupt leaders. These are circumstances we can’t imagine, but places like this exist in the world today.

What if tomorrow brings that grave reality to us, and we wake to find our lives in flux, poverty and confusion? Perhaps humanity’s insatiable appetites drive us to the brink of survival where sanity is redefined and life, as we know it, changes forever.

Tomorrow, our lives could be very dark.

Dystopian tales take us to these lightless places where suffering is a daily chore. But they also show us that in the deepest part of the night, pitched against a backdrop of despair, a beam of hope will shine brighter than ever before. And in our darkest moments, it can show us the way back.

Releases Today, May 1
Follow 11 authors into 11 dystopian tomorrows, where the dark portions of our humanity have taken hold of today, where the fabric of society is torn and greed consumes us all. Follow us down a dark path.

And find out what tomorrow may bring.

Open Minds, Susan Kaye Quinn
The Moon Dwellers, David Estes
Prison Nation, Jenni Merritt
Daynight, Megan Thomason
Stitch, Samantha Durante
The Annihilation of Foreverland, Tony Bertauski
The Girls from Alcyone, Cary Caffrey
The Narrowing Path, David J. Normoyle
The Rain, Joseph A. Turkot
Virulent: The Release, Shelbi Wescott
External Forces, Deborah Rix

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Paij Slater said...

2.99 for all of them...Um, YES please. Thanks for the post!!! I look forward to reading them. Pretty soon my Kindle is going to be full, and I am going to have to buy storage space for all my books that I just "have" to read...hehehe!

Melanie Valderrama said...

Haha, welcome to the club! I might need a second Kindle soon, or delete some, I'll definitely need another Kindle. This just seems like a no brainer to me. I'm looking forward to reading them, too!

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