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Brooke's Review: School Is a Nightmare #2: The Field Trip, by Raymond Bean

School is a Nightmare #2: The Field Trip, by Raymond Bean
2012, 96p, Middle-Grade Fiction
Brooke's Rating=5 Stars
Source: Own a Copy

Do you have trouble selecting a book and then sticking with it? Do you start a book, read a few pages, and then put it back? Do you have to read for a set amount of time each night and can't seem to find a book you like? If you answered yes to any of these questions then The School Is A Nightmare Series might be right for you. The books are written with you in mind. They're fast paced, have quick chapters (we promise), and are shorter than the average book (you're welcome). Book #2, The Field Trip is a quick and fun read. Give it a try. It will be over before you know it. Justin's first week of school was a complete nightmare, and he's thankful it's over. He may not be a fan of school, but he's a huge fan of field trips. It's finally the day of the first school trip of the year. All week he's been looking forward to pumping his fist so truckers will honk their horns, sneaking loads of candy, and having a fun day off. It's only the second week of school, but he's already exhausted and needs a break.

Unfortunately for him, his day off isn't exactly what he had in mind. He's bitten by a snake, attacked by bees, and blamed for making the whole grade late. Even worse, he's sent to the hospital and may not even get a chance to finish the trip with the rest of the kids.

It was supposed to be the perfect trip, but it was a total nightmare.

In School is a Nightmare 2 Justin goes on a school field trip. He wakes up super early in the morning and goes into the woods to hunt for snakes. He gets bit and doesn’t tell his mom about it. They get into the car and Justin didn’t pack his lunch. They had to stop at a gas station for a sandwich. And ended up getting there late and had to take a school bus instead of a coach bus. The whole class is not happy with him when they have to take the crummy bus. They get on and within a while he texts his friend that’s on the other bus. And Mrs. Cliff catches him and takes his sister's phone and she whines that she can't listen to the new Jason Freeber album.  And after their first stop Becky and Mindy scream and point to his ear. In his ear were three ticks. Mrs Cliff his teacher pulls them out and notices his bite. They get back on the bus and they crash into a fire hydrant. The police and firemen and people from the emergency room come. And insist that they take him to the ER, and there he meets Jason Freeber the pop star. And he needs to take the pressure off his ankle. So Justin gives him his shoes. He goes to Time Square and dances with Becky and Mindy. When you read this you can learn about the rest of his day.

I thought this book was better than book 1. I liked the storyline better and thought it was more interesting since he was on a field trip and not just at the school. Justin messes up a lot and I thought his mom was kinder to him in this book. He fights with his sisters all the time. I fight with my brother so it's good to see that other brothers and sisters fight too. They work through their problems and I like that. These books also make me laugh. I'm planning to keep reading these books so I'll be sharing book 3 next week.

About the Author

Raymond Bean is a dad, a teacher, and the Amazon best-selling author of the Sweet Farts and School Is A Nightmare series. His books have ranked #1 in Children's Humor, Humorous Series, and Fantasy and Adventure. They often rank among Amazon's top 100 books for children.
Baseball: A Ticket To The Bigs releases August 23 and Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire comes out January 2014.


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