Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Review: The Accidental Marriage by Annette Haws

The Accidental Marriage
The Accidental Marriage by Annette Haws
2013, 336p, Clean Romance
My Rating=5 Stars
Source: Received a copy from the publisher for an honest review

Love is hard work—something Nina and Elliot didn't anticipate when they rushed into marriage. Thinking their passion would conquer all, they never anticipated that cooking mishaps, laundry disasters, and a tug-of-war with a possessive mother-in-law could push them to the brink of divorce so quickly. If their marriage is going to survive, Nina and Elliot must not let pride stand in the way of their promise.

Elliott and Nina are drawn to each other at the end of his mission in Scotland and he convinces her to come to the airport when he returns home to Utah (she is also from Utah and was finishing up a semester abroad). He doesn't realize what a big deal it will be and that Pam, the ex-girlfriend that he broke up with right before he came home, would be there. It was awkward and Nina leaves before he can talk to her. As soon as he can, he's at her house explaining what happened. They start to date and end up getting married, and that's where the challenges really begin.

Nina is young and free spirited. She doesn't know how to cook or clean. She has a tough year adjusting to married life. She and Elliott are in love but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. They both hurt each other, thinking they're justified, only later to realize that they behaved badly. My heart broke for them. I also cheered them on and wanted them to find a way to make it work, and I definitely had my doubts. 

I liked that the POV switched between them so we had a good feel for what they were each going through. We would sometimes get a glimpse of their parents as well. Both sets of parents were obstacles in their relationship so it was interesting to hear what they were really thinking.

I am grateful that my first year of marriage was much easier than this! This book is set in the '70's and does have some references to the LDS, or Mormon, culture, but isn't preachy so anyone that prefers clean romance will enjoy reading it.

Content: Kissing; Sex is implied but not described. 


Annette Haws’s literary strengths are based upon her experiences in the classroom. She began her teaching career as a junior high teacher in Richmond, Utah and ended it teaching Sophomore English at Murray High School in Salt Lake City. However, her favorite assignment was a five year period at Logan High School teaching English, coaching debate and mock trial, and watching the antics of her own three children who were also students in the same school. 


Jinky said...

Love the title! Book sounds interesting. I had a rough first year of marriage ..emotional on my end cuz dang my hubby couldn't read minds! Shocking I know. ;)

Melanie said...

Haha, Jinky! Yes, this is a book I think you would enjoy.

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