Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cellar Door Mysteries: Secret Room

I found this book, Cellar Door Mysteries: Secret Room, by Brian Clayton, as a Kindle freebie and picked it up for my daughter since she loves mysteries. She is almost 9 and has been reading for many years. She's an old soul and sometimes I forget how young she really is. She's fascinated with blogging and has asked me several times if she can have one (um, no). She read this book and loved it and did a write up on it which I think is really good so I'm going to post her review, which she is excited to share (I've helped some with editing, but kept in some of her "so's"):

In the beginning, a policeman comes to the door and tells Aunt Sylvair that Mr. and Mrs. Domitreus are dead. So the kids (Darius, 10, and Veronika, 11) get told that their parents are dead and do not take it well. So that night the kids go exploring through the house. They go to the attic and find a box and in it are some numbers and the numbers are 1917, and they find a journal with it. In the journal is a message. And it says, "Sylvair Domitreus, within these walls, a great treasure is hidden, a clue is carved that will lead you back within these walls, a room with no doors, no windows, or halls." The next morning they go into the yard. They looked for a tree and finally they found one with writing that says, "Ten rocks right IT will be in your sight." So they followed a trail of rocks that Darius had tripped over until they don't see any more. There they find a cellar door. So they open it and see that it's dark down there. They go down and start feeling for anything. As they are feeling around, they find a light switch and a box. They try to open the box but it would not open. They punched in the numbers 1917 and it opened. Inside the box was a key so they started feeling around and found a keyhole that they put the key into and a door opened. And you have to read the book to find out what's behind the door.

This is a very short book (17 pages) and is part of a series. The second book is also out and she has already started it because she just couldn't wait! I couldn't find any information about how many there will be and how frequently they will come out, but we'll be keeping our eye on these!

Her Rating:  4 stars
My Rating: 3.5 stars


Jinky said...

Haha, love how she ended that review! Now I want to read the book to find out what's behind the door!

Melanie said...

Good! I told her when she wrote it she needed to end with people wanting to read it. I admit, I wanted to read it, too, so we did.

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