Friday, April 5, 2013

Cellar Door Mysteries: Escape

"Cellar Door Mysteries: Escape" is book # 2 in the "Cellar Door Mysteries" series. This book continues following siblings Darius and Veronika and the adventures they encounter on their quest to uncover the truth about their parents mysterious death. (Amazon)

Last month, my 9-year-old daughter shared her review of Cellar Door: Secret Room and she was anxious to read part 2. She has now read it and wrote another report, so this is her take on the story. She left her first review on a cliffhanger, so reading this review will spoil the end of part one. To read her review on Cellar Door: Secret Room, look here

So they are down in the cellar with all the gold. They smell smoke so they come up and see their Aunt Sylvair crying, "The children! The children!" When the officer came, Aunt Sylvair said, "We were eating breakfast and I went to go get the mail and when I turned around, the house was on fire." The kids ran out of the forest. "Officer, she is lying," said Veronika. "We were in the forest," said Darius. "What were you doing in the forest?" asked Aunt Sylvair. The officer said, "Everyone come with me." The kids turned around and ran into the forest. They ran into the cellar door with Officer Parks running after them. They got into the cellar and went down and Officer Parks didn't see them. They grabbed the ladder and walked down the hall and put the ladder against the wall and climbed up. They went looking for a way out. They kicked the floor, pushing the walls until they pushed on one wall and it opened. 

They ran inside and closed the door and were standing in a big room. Veronika looked in the fridge and it was full. She looked inside the cupboards and they were full. She looked in the pantry and it was full. So they decided to go back and get their backpacks full of gold. So when they looked at the gold, they saw a receipt that their parents had purchased the gold from Eloise Parks. They went back to the big room and felt around for another way out. They moved the bookcase and there was a different paint color. They pushed on the wall and it opened. They went inside and saw it was blocked by a metal door. "Look up, look down," said Veronika. Two rods were there. They each pulled on one and it opened. They ran forward until they came outside. Then they went back and got their backpacks. 

So they went until they got to where Eloise worked. They went in and Eloise took them to her office and they talked and she convinced them to come to her house. So she closed up work and they went to her house and saw their rooms, which looked just like theirs at home. Eloise left them in their rooms. She went downstairs. Ring! Ring! Ring! Eloise picked up the phone and you have to read the book to find out what she says on the phone.

This book is 60 pages, so it's a little longer than the first book, but there weren't any chapters so it felt like one long chapter to her. She didn't like that at all. But she is enjoying the story. It's really hard to find out if there will be any more installments in this series. The first two were released a month apart and then nothing.

Her rating: 4 stars

I haven't yet had a chance to read this so I don't have a rating for it.



The Mrs. said...

Fun to have a little assistant! :) She did great!

Melanie said...

Thanks, Sanz! She loves hearing positive feedback. It is fun to have an assistant--just wait 'til your boys get a little older.

Jinky said...

A very detailed and suspenseful summary. Again, adorable cliffhanger to end the review. Great job B.!!

Melanie said...

Thanks, Jinky!

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